Open Interdisciplinary Honors Courses - available to all students interested!

There are several open courses being offered through the Interdisciplinary Honors Program that are available to all students so please share these with students you think may be interested. These fulfill a variety of Areas of Knowledge requirements and would be a great opportunity for any students interested in joining the Interdisciplinary Honors Program through our 2nd Year Admission process. Please direct students to contact us at for add codes and/or if they have questions.
Below are our open courses and full descriptions can be found HERE:

5 credit Honors courses:

  • HONORS 211 A: Prisons, Debt, and the Logic of Bordered Spaces (15375)
  • HONORS 391 C: Cultural Landscapes of Seattle and the Salish Sea Region (15387)

2-3 credit Honors seminars:

  • HONORS 396 A: Scientific Revolution and Molecular Biology: the eighth day of creation (15390)
  • HONORS 398 A: Experiencing Music (15392
  • HONORS 398 B: Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing: Shift Happens: moving the humanistic conversation in the classics from the classroom to the public arena (15393)
Thank you for your help sharing these courses!
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