Womxn of Color Healing Circle in ECC

For questions about the Womxn of Color Healing Circle, contact:

Andrea Salazar-Nuñez, Ph.D.

Licensed Staff Psychologist

University of Washington Counseling Center

Phone: 206-543-1240  


Criteria for referral:

  1. Self-identifies as a womxn
  2. Identifies as a BIPOC (ex. Latinx, African American/Black, Filipino/Pacific Islander/South East Asian, Native or Indigenous)

Good fit:

-Someone looking for community

-Someone needing to connect with other WOC

-Need a validating space that doesn’t require code switching

-Is feeling disconnected from the campus community

-Feels like people don’t understand them

-Experienced a specific sexist/racist/oppressive event that they need to process

-Wants a self-care activity that addresses their identity as a WOC\

Description of the group:

The healing circle will support healing, understanding, learning from each other’s shared common experiences, identifying personal issues which help us to understand and grow while building community amongst each other. This group is for those who are seeking a decolonized, therapeutic, and healing space.

The Womxn of Color Healing Circle is a great way for any self-identified Black and Brown women to connect and heal. The circle is based on indigenous and traditional therapy practices but most importantly its a safe space for women to heal, build community, and tap into their resilience. Leticia Nieto, a psychologist and author in Olympia describes spaces like this as "target only space" and these spaces are critical for healing and resisting oppression. She describes "Target" identities as those identities holding less power and "Agent" identities are the identities holding more power. When we are in "target only" spaces we can bring our whole selves and not have to use energy to code switch, contend with racial fatigue, or microaggressions. It can be re-energizing and incredibly powerful when those of us with target identities can come together and intentionally utilize "target only spaces" as a means of healing and self-care. It can help not only resist but begin to liberate and undo the negative effects of oppression.

Dates: 1/14, 1/28, 2/11, 2/25, 3/10

Time: 3:30-5pm

Location: ECC (Resource Room – 2nd floor)

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