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Prof. Christopher Parker interviewed in The Nation, "Donald Trump Is Not the Only Alleged Criminal Democrats Can’t Unseat"

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on January 31, 2020 - 3:32pm

In a piece penned by Hallie Golden, UW political science Prof. Christopher S. Parker says that at state and federal levels partisan politics of both parties show polarization. “'Republicans are scared, their constituents are scared, and they’re willing to do anything and everything to maintain, hold on to political power.' That apparently includes refusing to eject alleged criminals from office if they keep their conservative support and are never convicted in a court of law."

Washington State is no exception to some of this extremism: "In December an independent investigation determined that Matt Shea [WA State Legislator, Spokane] committed domestic terrorism and produced a pamphlet that advocated for a Christian theocracy and the 'killing of all males who do not agree.' Forty-three days later, he took his seat as an elected representative on the floor of the Washington State Legislature."

Prof.Parker goes on to highlight that Shea remain in office is a danger as it “just emboldens people who are like-minded to continue to practice or display behaviors and attitudes that are consistent with his, because he’s setting an example,” Parker said. “People follow their leaders. People follow elites.”

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