Study Abroad in Rome, Italy (Aug 22-Sept 18)

  •  LSJ IN ROME EARLY FALL START 2020 (Saturday, August 22-Friday, Sept 18th)!


o   The application deadline for LSJ in Rome 2020 has been extended to March 1st, 2020.


ACADEMIC PREREQUISITES: We have no strict pre-requ but we take note and give priority to students who have had certain LSJ or Poli Sci courses and any Romance Language, especially at the college level. 

  • 8 UW credits for undergrads and 5 for law students

COURSES: LSJ 495: Comparative Legal Culture (8 for undergrads and 5 for law students credits) I&S

LSJ courses taught by Professors Michael McCann and Walter Walsh.

This course on comparative legal culture is grounded in several basic assumptions. First, law at once reflects, shapes, and expresses – which is to say, it "constitutes" – the particular social or cultural contexts in which it is embedded. This course provides preliminary and provocative comparative study of legal practice in the United States and Italy. Topics covered include: legal institutions, courthouse architecture and rituals, legal education and legal careers, immigration and immigration reform, criminal justice, juvenile justice, and the death penalty. Contact Hours 8-10 hours per week in classroom, 6-8 hours per week on expert interviews/site visits/additional lectures and presentations, 8+ hours for group work (undergrads will write additional research paper based on interviews with experts)



  • Women’s Identity Abroad Discussion: Wednesday, February 19, 12:30-2:00 pm, (MGH 171)
  • Gilman Scholarship  Writing Lab [DEADLINE March 3, 2020]: Monday March 2, 12:30-2:00 pm, (MGH 171)

Be sure to reach out if you have any questions!

Contact Sabrina Tatta, LSJ in Rome Program Director,


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