UW Labor Studies Courses - Spring 2020 Highlights

The Bridges Center is excited to share these new featured courses happening this coming Spring Quarter 2020! These are incredible classes that dive into a variety of Labor topics from migrant worker activism [HSTAA 290], to the ins and outs of how society reconstructs itself on a systematic and daily basis (and at the expense of whom) [GWSS 390 B / CHID 480 B]. And of course, all these classes count towards the Labor Studies Minor!
We would like to especially highlight "Feminist Social Reproduction Theory and Radical Politics of Care", which will be taught by Jey Saung this upcoming spring. This class was introduced for the first time last year (Spring 2019) and Quinn Rao, a Labor Studies Minor and organizer with United Students Against Sweatshops, who was able to participate in the pilot course, shared: 
i was encouraged (throughout the coursework and facilitation) to modify my understanding of resistance, disruption, and liberation, particularly in the every day -- in the small moments when we attempt to care for ourselves and others. and i think breaching the public/private divide in this critical way enables us to perceive these seemingly mundane aspects of our lives as sites of radical rejection and alternatives. for me, it facilitated a reimagining of my own life and work, one that was oriented towards healing and self-creation, rather than the suffocating strictures of "productivity."  

Please click on the course titles in the email below to view them in My Plan!

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