Bridges Center Scholarships & Fellowships - Deadline extended!

Welcome back, everyone! 

As we move into Spring Quarter and are continuing to deal with the challenges presented with the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to share with folks that the Bridges Center’s staff have been working diligently to ensure that resources and advising are still available and accessible to the UW community. Financial support for students is more important now than ever, so I wanted to send out a reminder to folks that the Bridges Center has a wide variety of scholarships and funding available to undergraduate and graduate students, with applications that are currently open! However, due to the stresses and new unknowns that our community of students, staff, and faculty have had to navigate, we are extending the deadline for applications from April 13th to April 30th, 11:59 pm

By submitting our single online application, you will be considered for up to seven different awards (viewable here: 

We hope that during this time you will not hesitate to reach out to the Bridges Center for support, whether it helps with your scholarship application, course work, or other support. If you are seeking community resources in relation to support with COVID-19, or interested in conducting worker-oriented research during this time, please take a look at our Labor Responds to COVID-19 page on our website for a list of community responses, mutual aid efforts, and more. 

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