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Three Polisci Professors Interviewed in The New York Times Opinion, "Biden and Trump Are Fighting Each Other in a Changed World"

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on June 17, 2020 - 12:44pm

In a New York Times Opinion page article penned by Thomas B. Edsall, "Biden and Trump Are Fighting Each Other in a Changed World", Profs. Megan Ming Francis, Jake Grumbach and Christopher Sebastian Parker offer their views on whether the large scale of recent protests will swing the electorate in either direction.

Megan Ming Francis
"These protests will contribute to a durable shift in how most Americans understand policing and the limits of the criminal punishment system...."

Jake Grumbach
"Young people are also much more progressive than older generations. This shift includes all racial groups...."

Christopher Sebastian Parker
"...not only are the protests, the videos of police brutality and racial health disparities — which have been forced into public view by the pandemic — driving the country leftward, but that a key player in driving leftward movement is Trump himself:
When one adds to that a president who seemingly does anything and everything to inflame the situation, it’s hard to imagine that consequences won’t follow...."

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