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Prof. Michael McCann on KUOW Radio, "A moment where protest leads to change? UW professor sees an historic arc"

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on June 18, 2020 - 2:16pm

Professor Michael McCann was interviewed on KUOW Radio regarding the recent protests and puts it in historical perspective.

"As he watches the Seattle protests, McCann says a couple of things have stood out: who is showing up, and the situations that have become violent.

One is the diversity of the marchers and protesters. I think back to the African-American civil rights movement. There were some whites who participated, but not a great number. These protests are very striking in that there are black, and white, and Hispanic, and Native American, women and men, old and young. It's extremely diverse."

"One other note, Professor McCann thinks Seattle is well situated to lead change, not just reform, in policing and racial justice.

I think because this is a context where there is a lot of opposition to the Trump administration and what the Trump administration stands for. It's also a place with a strong progressive tradition, connections between the labor community and people of color."

For the full interview from KUOW please link here.