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Ph.D. Student Brian Leung  Before U.S. Congress' House Foreign Affairs: China's Security Law in Hong Kong

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on July 9, 2020 - 2:03pm

"Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong as kind of the original formulation of one country two systems, proved to be a mirage. "

Graduate student Brian Leung talked to the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the new security law in Hong Kong.

China has unilaterally imposed law on Hong Kong. There is no meaningful distinction between the system of Hong Kong and China. The Chinese party-state has engulfed the Hong Kong governance system. Hong Kong civil society is under full assault and purveyed by a sense of political fear, self-censorship, and legal persecution. Since last year, 9,000 protesters have been arrested, 600 of them are being charged with rioting. The police continue exertion of party dominance inside Hong Kong. The new criminal offense will no doubt be used as weapons against dissidents and send them to prison.

Please link here for Brian's statement and the full C-SPAN video. Brian's opening statement begins at 39:00.