CP Future Presents Action Academy: Deadline TOMORROW!

Action Academy is officially launched!! You can find the program launch details here

As we all know 2020 is a very important election year that will shape the course of our democracy for decades to come.  Millennials and Gen Z’ers will hold the largest share of eligible voters this fall and they have the power to make a difference. These new members of our democracy, however, historically vote at lower rates than older cohorts. We can help change this historical trend by supporting initiatives to increase access to the democratic process. Folks at Common Power, a Seattle based organization that provides creative onramps to civic engagement have launched two Summer programs through our CP Future community that will provide ongoing, structured opportunities for this group of voters. It will provide everyone with a voice and take part in nonpartisan democratic engagement activities. 

Action Academy is a 12-week program for young adults to explore voting rights, a cornerstone in our democracy. A range of activities from zoom calls, in-depth interviews, and meetings of professional mentors to name a few. Participants will receive a $1000 stipend upon completion of the program. Potential participants must apply.


The application deadline is July 10, 2020. Action Academy Program Details can be found here.  Action Academy Application here

For more information, feel free to contact Larcy Douglas at larcy@commonpurposenow.org. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! 

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