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Prof. Christopher Parker in The Washington Post, "How reckless White allies could lead to the reelection of Trump"

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on August 13, 2020 - 10:54am

Prof. Christopher Parker writes in The Washington Post:

"From abolition to the present, enlightened Whites have often been willing allies to the black freedom struggle, sometimes to great effect. But recent events suggest the partnership might have run its course, with two potentially devastating consequences: the Black Lives Matter movement failing, at least for now, to achieve its potential, and the reelection of President Trump."

With today’s demand for change centered on Black resolve, genuine systemic reforms — including reparations — could be achievable. Black people appreciate the sentiments of mothers, veterans, and others who have taken to the streets in support of nonviolent protesters. But Now White allies should heed the advice of Carmichael and others and retreat to their own communities to educate other whites on the evils associated with discrimination. In moment aimed at uprooting systemic racism root and branch, having white supporters take a step back will go a long way toward achieving collective goals, ultimately moving the country ever closer to that elusive “more perfect union.”

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