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Prof. Victor Menaldo on Areo: "Liberalism and the Threats It Faces"

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on October 14, 2020 - 3:47pm

Prof. Victor Menaldo says liberal democracy is under threat in many places. And, by both left and right.

"In the United States, liberalism has been attacked by President Trump in countless forms, including ham-fisted attempts to goad foreign governments into interfering in the upcoming election, harassment of the media, threats of drastic budget cuts to the post office in the middle of a pandemic in which voting by mail has become an insurance policy against mass disenfranchisement, calls to supporters to vote twice and rampant interference with the Department of Justice...Liberalism has also been under attack by some on the left. There have been campaigns to bully and intimidate: on college campuses, in particular, people have tried to silence, humiliate and expel or fire students and professors who have said the wrong thing or, worse, offered principled opposition against the new ideological orthodoxies. Cancel culture is a very real problem."

Various cultures throughout history have practiced the hallmarks of liberalism in order to get along, and liberalism benefits everyone. "Contrary to the broadsides launched against liberalism by avant-garde schools of thought that aver that things like philosophy, history and science are constructs created by white men for white men, liberalism belongs to everybody and is good for everyone—especially the marginalized."

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