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Three New Undergraduate Scholarships

Submitted by Natalie Mc Martinez on September 8, 2021 - 10:14am

Until this year, the department offered just two scholarship opportunities specifically targeting political science undergraduates. The Hugh A. Bone Scholarship recognizes the former professor and department chair who established the Washington Legislative Internship program in 1956. The endowment supports students pursuing internship opportunities and continues to receive contributions from Professor Bone’s former students. The Agnes C. Nelson Memorial Scholarship is offered to students majoring in Economics or Political Science and is intended to encourage the study of the intersection of economy and politics.


This year we are pleased to announce three new endowed scholarships for political science undergraduates. The Lemieux Family Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship was established by Scott, Emily and Elaine Lemieux, a family strongly supportive of higher education. The scholarship will support political science students based on financial need. Scott is an Assistant Teaching Professor in our department.

The Emily Thompson Smith Endowed Student Support Fund in Environmental Politics, established by Gregory Bergida and Michelle Wu, honors the award-winning journalist Emily Thompson Smith, who graduated from the University of Washington in 1972.  This new endowment will support undergraduate students engaged in the study of Environmental Politics.

Finally, the Gary and Susan Duck Undergraduate Scholarship will support first-generation college students based on financial need with special consideration given to applicants with a demonstrated interest in Environmental Politics. Susan received her Master’s in Social Work and Gary received his Ph.D. in Political Science.