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Prof. Margaret Teresa Brower in The Washington Post, "Democrats are rewriting Build Back Better. Here’s what Black and Latina women activists say they need"

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on February 11, 2022 - 2:42pm

"President Biden’s Build Back Better plan, which bundles together a host of social and climate programs, is unraveling. Although it passed the House, key Democratic senators are refusing to support it, which effectively dooms the plan in a 50-50 Senate. Yet grouping together the social policies proposed in the bill remain urgent for women, and especially Latina and Black women in the workforce."

Prof. Brower notes that although unemployment has gone down in the last year, "...rates for Black and Latina women are nearly 10 percent lower than they were pre-pandemic."

What do Black and Latina women want?

"Many Black and Latina women navigate jobs without flexible work schedules, paid leave or affordable child-care options. That leaves them highly vulnerable to financial instability, poverty, illness without health care, and homelessness. No single policy alone can address the ways in which they are positioned among these issues.

Multi-policy initiatives...better represent the interests of Latina and Black women that are marginalized in today’s economy by their race, class and gender. As the Build Back Better bill hangs in the balance, so do the economic futures of Black and Latina women."

Please link here for the full article in The Washington Post.