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Spring Quarter: L Arch courses w/ open seats

Submitted by Albert Sub Yun on March 9, 2022 - 9:29am

L Arch 322 Introduction to Planting Design

SLN: 16115
M W 11:30 - 12:50 (M is async, W is sync but can be remote)
Instructor: Kristi Park
*Fulfills VLPA requirement
As urban and rural areas continue to accommodate an ever-growing population, we must also reckon with harmful development patterns from the past. How do we balance equitable and healthy ecological and human health? We will tackle this question through an unsung heroic method; designing with living materials (aka. plants).

This quarter, we will continuously jump between global and site-specific scales through weekly exercises, diagramming, sketching, and observations. As an introductory course, prior knowledge of plants, space, drawing, design, or ecology is not required. However, a willingness to explore, discuss, exercise your imagination, think afresh, and work hard is essential.

L Arch 572 Research Methods in Landscape Architecture
SLN: 16133
T TH 11:30 -12:50
Instructor: Lynne Manzo
This is a graduate level research methods course focusing on qualitative research methods. This course is designed to help you to:
  • learn how to be a thoughtful researcher & strengthen your skills as socially responsive/responsible designers
  • understand the epistemological & ethical underpinnings of research including values & power relations
  • deepen your appreciation of the role & value of research for design
  • learn how to use an array of research methods to inform your design work & try your hand at using these methods through
  • exercises & fieldwork
  • learn what method is best to use in response to certain situations and questions
  • develop ideas for a possible Capstone Project and begin some preliminary work to inform that possibility
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