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Inhwan Ko, Prof. Aseem Prakash, and Prof. Nives Dolšak on PLOS CLIMATE, "Have renewable energy leaders announced aggressive emission reduction goals?..."

Submitted by Albert Sub Yun on November 7, 2022 - 9:55am

Inhwan KoProf. Aseem Prakash, and Prof. Nives Dolšak write a paper about net-zero emission pledges:

"The 2015 Paris Agreement outlined the goal to limit temperature increases below 2°C, preferably to 1.5°C. In response, several countries have announced net-zero emission pledges (NZEP). The credibility of these pledges varies because countries have committed to different target years. Moreover, some pledges outline sectoral as opposed to economy-wide targets and vary in how they monitor progress. To assess the pledge’s credibility, we create a novel NZEP stringency score. We find that climate leaders with a higher share of renewable energy in final energy consumption are more likely to have announced more stringent NZEPs. However, economic development, the size of the economy, countries’ embeddedness in international environmental treaties, and the robustness of domestic civil society are not associated with NZEP stringency."

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