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Prof. Margaret Brower on Inside Higher Ed site, "Reimagining Democracy Through Student Activism"

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on December 14, 2022 - 1:58pm
Margaret Brower
Margaret Brower

Prof. Margaret Teresa Brower in an opinion piece for Inside Higher Ed, "...pathways for student activism that feed back into institutions and change them to be more democratic, equitable, diverse and just."

Pathways listed for consideration:

1. Equalizing Decision-Making Power

2. Rethinking Bureaucratic Processes

3. Activist Pipelines to Institutional Change

4. Normalizing Contentious Politics

5. Building Equity Into the Institutional Fabric

"Colleges and universities are constantly shaping opportunities for student activism, and they are places that are expected to educate for democracy. However, educating for democracy requires that students not only understand governance, civic duty and democratic principles, but they are also equipped to contest and reimagine these characteristics of democracy—starting with the campus. College student activism can be a vital tool for transforming postsecondary institutions to be more democratic, equitable and just—but only if there are opportunity structures for activism awaiting students when they arrive."

Please link here for the full article.