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Feb 22 Deadline: Summer 2024 Immersive Study Away Program in the American South

Submitted by Albert Sub Yun on February 7, 2024 - 3:12pm

Honors American South: Foundations of Black Culture, Social Movements, and Collective Liberation will travel through ten states--from Houston, TX to Washington, DC in June and July 2024! In addition to visiting historical sites and memorials to significant moments in American history, students will meet with foot soldiers from the civil rights movement and community leaders who are continuing to push forward conversations about racial justice and reconciliation. 


A unique collaboration between community organization Sankofa Impact and the Community Engagement and Leadership Education (CELE) Center, this month-long study away will explore the eras of enslavement, racial terrorism, civil rights, mass incarceration, and abolition activism today by visiting centers of Black history, joy, and resilience. Together we will craft a vision of collective liberation and engage in our own leadership practice.


The program is designed to meet several general education requirements and is aligned with the UW major in American Ethnic Studies, minor in Leadership, and our Interdisciplinary Honors curriculum. Courses count toward the Social Sciences and Diversity area of inquiry requirements. Students from all three UW campuses are encouraged to apply, as are students from all majors. Students do not need to be in interdisciplinary or departmental honors to apply for this program.


Students will earn twelve credit hours in just one month--for a price that is on par with campus-based summer credits! The program fee ($8695) covers the full credit load, plus housing, meals, and transportation once the program begins. Beyond the program fee students are responsible for flights and minimal out-of-pocket personal expenses during the trip. Those who receive federal financial aid may be able to apply for summer term aid to help cover program costs. 


Students can learn more about the teaching team, our route, and find application links (as well as video testimonials and a recorded information session) on our our program website. We encourage interested students to apply by our priority deadline on February 22.


Anyone with questions should feel free to contact me (Kathryn) directly at

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