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Prof. James Long in The Conversation, "Trump is no Navalny, and prosecution in a democracy is a lot different than persecution in Putin’s Russia"

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on February 22, 2024 - 1:54pm
James Long

Prof. James D. Long posted an article in The Conversation web site arguing that former President Trump comparing his legal situation to Russian dissident Alexei Navalny is a false comparison,

Not a week since the death and former President Donald Trump already compared himself favorably to Navalny. “The sudden death of Alexei Navalny has made me more and more aware of what is happening in our Country,” Trump wrote on social media. Prosecutors, the courts and his political opponents, including President Joe Biden, were “leading us down a path to destruction” in “slow, steady progression..."

...Is there merit to Trump’s claim that the U.S. legal system is little more than the puppet of Putin-like machinations, in which courts are hijacked to knock out political rivals?

I am a scholar who studies the prosecutions of political leaders globally. It is true that such prosecutions have become increasingly common in the past two decades. Often, distinguishing good faith proceedings from bad faith “witch hunts” is not a fact-based exercise, especially for the targets of investigations and among their supporters.

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