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AUT 2024 Public Policy Courses

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on May 1, 2024 - 12:54pm

The Evans School of Public Policy & Governance will offer the following undergraduate PUBPOL courses in AUT 2024:  

·                 PUBPOL 201 Intro to Public Policy & Governance (5) with Grant Blume

In addition to introducing the discipline, this is a solid course to start exploring the public policy minor and our undergraduate course offerings.  

·                 PUBPOL 403 Leadership in Action (5) Writing with Eric Svaren 

This course examines how communities work with governments, businesses, and nonprofits to solve complex problems. Explores ways to assess value trade-offs between profit, people, planet, and purpose. Students will learn to address these questions through immersive learning experiences, guest speakers, small group exercises, and reflective assignments.    

·                 PUBPOL 499A Health Equity & Policy (5) with Mara Bann 

This course will explore the US health policy landscape and the role of policy in achieving equitable health outcomes.   

·                 PUBPOL 499B Negotiation (5) with Ines Jurcevic 

This course provides students with an introductory understanding of negotiation theory and its practical applications within the public sector. Through simulations, case studies, and real-world examples, students develop essential skills in consensus-building, conflict resolution, and strategic communication crucial for navigating complex policy environments. 

·                 PUBPOL 499C Legislative Relations (5) with Deborah Driver 

In this course, students study the role of legislative bodies in American public policy making. Builds on case studies and focuses on tactics, constraints, and options involved in working within a legislative process to achieve public policy goals. 

·                 PUBPOL 499D Topics in Public Policy: Data Science for Public Policy (5) with Dafeng Xu 

Cross listed with PUBPOL 588, this course introduces various data science methods and use of data science in public policy analysis. Topics include machine learning, network analysis, and numerical analysis. 

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