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Political Science Students Awarded President's Medal & Dean's Medal

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on July 2, 2024 - 1:01pm
UW Medal
UW Medal

Congratulations to Yintong Chen (Dean's Medal) and Nathan Loutsis (President's Medal)!

The Dean’s Medal is awarded by the College of Arts & Sciences each spring to four graduating seniors — one from each of the College’s four divisions — based on academic performance and faculty recommendations. This year’s honorees have participated in research, published academic papers, held leadership roles on campus, and challenged their professors and their classmates in the best possible way.

The President’s Medal is presented annually to two graduating seniors who have achieved the most distinguished academic records in their class. One medal is given to a student who has completed at least three-fourths of their requirements at the University; the other is awarded to a student who entered the University with at least 60 transfer credits from a Washington community college. This year, both honorees earned a degree from the College of Arts & Sciences.

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