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The nature and purpose of this website is to assist students interested in the study of political science by helping them find resources provided by the University of Washington and outside providers. This information is forwarded to this blog as a courtesy and an illustration of possible resources. The Political Science department does not endorse or promote any specific products, services, or vendors.

 Spring Quarter 2019

The Department of Germanics offers several exciting literature and culture courses in English:

GERMAN 293A / CHID 270B: Gegenkultur: The Art of Protest

(sln: 14805), VLPA/I&S, DIV, 5 credits

TTh 1:00 – 2:20pm, MGH 231

Instructor: Dr. Jasmin Krakenberg

Focusing on the culture of today’s German-speaking world, the course reflects on the role of visual arts, film, music, prose, poetry, and drama in responding to conflict. Its goal is to understand the role of protest and dissent in the 20th and 21st century. How do writers, artists, and filmmakers adopt new communication strategies to resist dominant narratives? And how effective is art as a form of protest and a conduit of change?

Protest and resistance take many forms. In the search for better understanding how culture is created, resisted, and appropriated, we will focus on independent, unpopular, and marginalized voices, including the wide range of social...

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The application for the 22nd Annual UW Undergraduate Research Symposium is now open! The Symposium will be held on May 17, 2019, in Mary Gates Hall. 

The Symposium is a celebration of undergraduate accomplishments in research, scholarship, and creative expression in all academic disciplines.  Students may present their research either in a poster session or an oral presentation session.  We will also have a dedicated performance space in nearby Meany Hall for performing arts presentations and a visual arts and design showcase in Odegaard Undergraduate Library. Last year, over 1,200 students participated in this exciting event. 

To learn more and start an appli­ca­tion,...

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Professor Streitberger will hold an Information session (Friday,  February 1st at 3:30) in Padleford B 13 for the London Study abroad,  Autumn, 2019,  early fall start program.

For more information, see the UW study abroad website at

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Scholarships 201:

Particularly geared toward juniors, seniors and alumni looking to fund final undergraduate years, gap years and graduate school.

Tues., Jan. 29 | 4:30–5:30 p.m. | MGH 171

Let us know you're planning to attend.

Personal Statement Writing Workshops:

Scholarships, summer programs, major admissions, and graduate/professional programs often ask applicants to write a personal statement or application letter. This type of writing requires you to outline your ideas, plans, and strengths confidently and concisely, which can be challenging. Join us to get started brainstorming, drafting and strategizing how your statement can provide evidence of your interests and achievements that aren’t reflected in other parts...

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Transfer Credit for Self-Directed Courses Abroad Commonly Asked Questions

Can I get credit for courses I take outside of the U.S.? Can I get credit for courses taken in my home country?

The UW allows transfer credit based on the status of the school that issues the official transcript. The school issuing the official transcript must be recognized by the Ministry of Education in the country where the school is located.

How do I know if the university where I will take courses is recognized?

The UW does not recognize or have agreements with third-party study abroad organizations such as ACE, SIE, LION, CEA, or ONPS. The University allows transfer credit based on the status of the university that issues the official transcript. Find out if the institution is recognized by checking with the Ministry of Education (or the equivalent authoritative body) in the country where the school is located. This information is often online.

Sample list of Ministry...

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Saturday, February 9, 2019
1:00pm-4:00pm • Seattle Labor Temple

Join the Labor Archives of Washington in marking the 100th anniversary of the 1919 Seattle General Strike.

Speakers will include:

James Gregory, Professor, UW History, Director of the Seattle General Strike History Project
Nicole Grant, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, MLK Jr. County Labor Council
Dana Frank, historian, author of Purchasing Power: Consumer Organizing, Gender, and the Seattle Labor Movement, 1919-1929
Cal Winslow, historian, author of Seattle General Strike: The Forgotten History of America's Greatest General Strike
Jonathan Rosenblum, activist, and author of Beyond $15

Food, music, exhibits and more!...

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The Honors Program is a program of advanced study in political science for undergraduates who wish to pursue a challenging course of study in their junior and senior year. Students get the opportunity to design and conduct their own research project under the supervision of a faculty adviser. Students gain in-depth knowledge and an understanding of key theoretical and empirical debates in the field of political science. Students acquire research design skills and the ability to work independently on a major research project. The honors thesis program also gives students the opportunity to work closely with faculty, similar to a graduate school experience.

Students completing this program will earn 'Honors in Political Science' at graduation. Students who are in the University Honors Program as well as in the Political Science Honors Program will earn 'College Honors in Political Science' at graduation.

Program Requirements

  • Pol S 487, Political Science...
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Emery Reddy PLLC is a small law firm downtown that specializes in workers' rights advocacy (and are one of the few in the state that do specific work in worker's compensation and employment law) and is currently seeking students that might be interested in their $2,500 Legal Studies scholarship. They ask applicants to explain why they are interested in advocating for workers’ rights and have recently extended their deadline for the Legal Studies scholarship to February 28th, 2019.

The person who is spearheading the outreach for the scholarship is Laura Scott. Her email is and her number is (206) 442-9106 if you have any questions!  Here’s are all the details for their scholarship: Legal Studies Scholarship Award amount: $2,500 Deadline: February 28th, 2019 Link: ... Read more
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Registration is open now for the 2019 Diversity Leadership Conference: Bridging the Leadership Divide!

This *FREE* half-day conference is open to all undergraduate students and provides an opportunity for skill-building, connection with campus resources and fellow student leaders, and exploration of current and relevant leadership topics and concepts.

Students can elect to participate in the Featured Skill Track (three different sessions all building toward one content area) or the regular Leadership Workshop Track (rotating repeating workshops, all levels, and class years). More information on the workshops and conference can be found on the...

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Jobs! Internships! Fantastic Opportunities for All UW Students!

What:  38th Annual Diversity Career Fair

When: Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Where: University of...

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