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The nature and purpose of this website is to assist students interested in the study of political science by helping them find resources provided by the University of Washington and outside providers. This information is forwarded to this blog as a courtesy and an illustration of possible resources. The Political Science department does not endorse or promote any specific products, services, or vendors.

Is America democratic? What is democracy? What do we do when different dimensions of democracy collide? Are there costs to democracy? This course will explore these questions through a combination of historical analysis, studying current events, thinking through and applying democratic theory, and analyzing empirical research. We will assess how democratic American institutions (Congress, Presidency, and the Courts) are, the components of democratic citizenship, and how civil rights and civil liberties influence state-citizen/ citizen-citizen interactions.

POL S 351 A: The American Democracy
Summer Full Term Meeting Time: TTh 2:20pm - 4:30pm
Stephanie Stanley
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This course uses an American political development approach to the study of state and local politics with an emphasis on Washington state.  We go beyond simple considerations of institutions and law to understand ways in which actors are empowered and constrained within the landscape of local government.  Our goal is to develop a nuanced and robust body of knowledge conceptualizing how state politics provide a unique laboratory of democracy.  

Be prepared for guest speakers from a wide variety of arenas linked to state and local government.  In the past we've had state supreme court justices, journalists, lobbyists, state senators and representatives, candidates for office, policy makers, and political activists to name a few.  This gives us all the opportunity to directly interact with stakeholders and decision-makers to better understand how our political communities operate.

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Landscape architecture is the design of environments – environments that encompass both natural and social worlds, urban spaces and wilderness, land, water, and air. It is a practice of design for people and communities, plants and animals while supporting social and natural processes, and protecting human and environmental health and well-being.

Autumn 2019 Courses

L ARCH 212: Designing the Future

MWF 10:00 – 11:20 | Keith Harris
3 credits, VLPA / I&S (SLN: 16878)

How do landscape architects and other designers shape our cities, our lives, and our futures? Through fieldwork, hands-on activities, research, and discussion, this course explores innovative and interdisciplinary design thinking and practice that...

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The HUB is hiring for multiple positions on our Creative Team and I’d love your help spreading the word to interested students. Students can submit an application via Handshake no later than Friday, May 24th.

Department Description

The Husky Union Building (HUB) is a department within the Division of Student Life. The HUB supports the Husky Experience by enhancing UW community, providing a dynamic event center, and fostering student engagement. The HUB as a department provides numerous services, meeting and event spaces, activities, and entertainment. The HUB as a student union is also home to several offices, services,...

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Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service Officer

Section: Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Services (Political, Economic and Public Affairs)
Location: Consulate General of Canada - Seattle, Washington
Position Number: EXT-320114
Level: LE – 09
Starting salary: $100,893 USD plus benefits
Tenure: Indeterminate
Competition No: SEATL_2019_05
Date Posted: April 26, 2019
Closing Date: May 12, 2019

The Consulate General of Canada in Seattle seeks an energetic, detail-oriented and reliable team player with a strong interest in international affairs, advocacy, and global commerce to promote, advance, and strengthen Canada-U.S. bilateral political, economic and security interests within its 4-state territory (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska). Our employees benefit from working in a leading-edge foreign, trade and development ministry that is both innovative and accountable. The Consulate General is seeking someone who is dynamic, client-...

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Public Policy and Bioethics Team Application for iGEM 2019: International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition

Hello! The iGEM team is looking for qualified and motivated undergraduates who want to get involved and gain experience in public policy and bioethics. The UW iGEM is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology. It encompasses education, an international competition in Boston, the development of an open community, and the collaboration of university students.

We are looking for first-year through third-year students who have experience within Bioethics, Public Policy, Bioengineering, English, research or any other relevant majors/activities. The role includes communicating with stakeholders, receiving experience writing public policy initiatives, analyzing government bills, and presenting our findings to our community. Consequently, with changing international and domestic...

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UAA IT is hiring a Tech Support Student Assistant!

Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA) shapes, advances, and stewards a world-class undergraduate academic experience for students at the University of Washington. Staff, faculty, and students in UAA deepen and enrich the learning experience for all undergraduates, recognizing and supporting the unique learning path of each individual student and the commitment of each academic program to excellence in learning and teaching. Some of the many departments within UAA include First Year Programs, Undergraduate Academic Advising, Carlson Leadership, and Public Service Center, Undergraduate Research Program, Dream Project and Honors Program. UAA IT within UAA supports the 19 departments within UAA by providing technical support and IT consulting services.

At the University of Washington, diversity is integral to excellence. We value and honor...

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UW Study Abroad will be hosting a Women’s Identity Abroad Discussion on Monday, May 20th from 12:30 to 2 pm in 171 Mary Gates Hall. A panel of UW students will share their experiences navigating their personal identities abroad. The discussion will cover race, gender norms, safety abroad and more. Students starting a study abroad in summer, early fall or autumn are encouraged to attend. Directors leading programs abroad and other staff are also welcome to attend this discussion. Since this event is over the lunch hour, pizza will be provided for all attendees who RSVP. Mor information here at

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