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The nature and purpose of this website is to assist students interested in the study of political science by helping them find resources provided by the University of Washington and outside providers. This information is forwarded to this blog as a courtesy and an illustration of possible resources. The Political Science department does not endorse or promote any specific products, services, or vendors.

JSIS B 436 A & POL S 436 A

Ethnic Politics & Nationalism in Multi-Ethnic Societies

Summer 2019 Term A

University of Washington

Seattle Campus

Instructor: Denis Bašić


Course website:

Meeting on: MTWTh 09:10 AM to 11:50 AM

Meeting at: THO 119

Office hours: Mondays 12:30 PM to 02:00 PM& by appointment

Office location: Thomson 035 D

Course Description: In this course, students first familiarize themselves with different theories of nationalism and then test them on four case studies. For more details, please check ...

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Rising seniors, graduating seniors, alumni, graduate and professional students interested in gaining relevant professional experience in Asia may be interested in applying for the Luce Scholars Program: This is a great opportunity for those with little or no prior experience in, or education about, Asian countries to add this valuable perspective to their future career interests! Please share widely with students in your programs (with the exception of Asian Studies - apologies!).

UW is able to nominate 3 students/alumni per year to compete nationally for the opportunity to spend 12 months in Asia. The program provides stipends, language training, and individualized professional placement in Asia for fifteen to eighteen young Americans each year.

Information sessions starting next week:

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Jackson Munro Public Service Fellowship

The Jackson Munro Public Service Fellowship encourages a life-long commitment to public service by providing outstanding undergraduates the opportunity to deepen their commitment to service and leadership in the context of community.

Jackson Munro Public Service Fellows are selected based on the strength of a public service project proposed in collaboration with a public sector (non-profit or governmental) organization.


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This summer the Jackson School is offering a class from the Comparative Religion department that covers the intersection of modern violence, peace efforts, and resistance movements and the religions that inspire them. Please see the following information and the attached flyer.

JSIS 205 - Religion, Violence, & Peace
Days/Time: Tues/Thurs 9:40-11:50.
Location: MOR 220
SLN: 14314
Instructor: Megan Ward, PhC

This course explores the complex relationship between various world religions, violence, and peace as a central phenomenon that bridges the boundaries of academic disciplines, historical periods, and global cultures. Readings from anthropology, religious studies, history, and sociology discuss the ways in which religion, conflict, and violence are interwoven across history and cultures. Using both historical and modern cases, the class asks how religion relates to...

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Next Monday and Tuesday (May 6 & 7, 2019) the Coordinators for the Washington State Legislative Internship Program will be in town giving Information Sessions all day. The sessions are half an hour long, meeting in Gowen Hall 1A, the Olson Room.

This is a paid, full-time internship in Olympia with the State Legislature, during Winter quarter. It is open to ALL junior and senior undergraduates, from any major or department. It is a fast-paced, demanding internship that develops strong professionalization skills and allows for amazing networking while you participate in the actual functioning of state government.

Stop by for any of the following half-hour sessions in Gowen Hall, room 1A:

May 6th, starting at 9:30, 10:00, 11:00, 1:30, 2:00, 3:00, and 3:30
May 7th, starting at 9:30, 10:00, 11:00, 11:30, 1:30, 2:00, 3:00, and 3:30

Bring your list of questions with you. The website for the program is located here:


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Instructor:  David Shields

ENGL 284 A (A Term): Beginning Short Story Writing

M - Th 9:40--11:20 RAI 107

A sustained argument for the excitement and urgency of brevity; a rally for compression, concision, and velocity; and a meditation on the brevity of human existence.

We are mortal beings. There is no evidence yet of god. We live in a hyper-digitalized culture. Art is related to the body and to the culture. Art should reflect these things. Brevity rules.

Students will read Life Is Short; Art Is Shorter: In Praise of Brevity and do the prompts suggested by the book (we’ll do as many of them as we can).

Read the whole book on your own, page by page, including the commentaries by Elizabeth Cooperman and me (we are the...

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Looking for Volunteers!  

Interested in sharing your culture in a local elementary school? You are invited to volunteer at FIUTS Global Ambassador Day at TOPS K-8 School! Prepare and teach an interactive lesson for 1st-5th grade students about a country you consider home. All UW international students or domestic students with a significant cultural connection to a country other than the U.S. are encouraged to participate.   

Where: TOPS K-8 School  

When: Wednesday, May 15th 11:30am – 2:30pm 

Lesson Planning Workshop: Wednesday, May 8th 12:00-2:00pm in Allen Red C 

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A Pride Foundation internship is an ideal experience for someone interested in a career in the nonprofit sector, particularly in philanthropy, and in applying their education and skills in a real-world environment. Learning opportunities include:

Career exploration

  • Exposure to processes and practices used in community foundations from engagement with a community grant cycle, a scholarship cycle, to analyzing data, to handling the arch.
  • Exposure to how LGBTQ philanthropy fits into philanthropy as a whole and understanding the expectations of donors, volunteers, scholars and grantees, and the communities we serve.

Skill development

  • Gain experience in use of the grants and scholarship application software, donor and volunteer database software, and other web-based tools such as developing and facilitating webinars.
  • Learn to work as part of a collaborative regional team.
  • Receive supervision, coaching, mentoring,...
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Organizing Beyond Barriers (OBB) - UNITE-HERE, Local 8

Organizing Beyond Barriers (OBB), UNITE HERE’s binationally coordinated internship program, builds a progressive alliance of workers, students and community activists by training, agitating, and inspiring people to fight for justice. We place a lot of emphasis on training and fieldwork. People learn by doing, whether it’s hearing about the real situations of working people in a house visit, doing research on a corporation, speaking truth to power on a delegation, or recruiting friends, family, or coworkers to an action. UNITE HERE is committed to inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to join our movement.

The Program: Workers, students and community activists across the United States and Canada come together for trainings and internships ranging from one day to 8 weeks to learn how to organize or do campaign research. OBB organizing and research interns are deeply engaged in pushing forward...

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