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The nature and purpose of this website is to assist students interested in the study of political science by helping them find resources provided by the University of Washington and outside providers. This information is forwarded to this blog as a courtesy and an illustration of possible resources. The Political Science department does not endorse or promote any specific products, services, or vendors.

Announcement from the UW English Department:   The Expository Writing Program in the English Department would like to advertise our ENGL 382 courses for the Autumn Quarter. The title of the courses are listed below as well as an attached pdf for ENGL 382 A and a written description for 382 B. Please circulate these courses to your students:
  • ENGL 382 A - Special Topics in Multimodal Composition: Digital Storytelling: The (Multimodal) Hero's Journey
  • ENGL 382 B - Special Topics in Multimodal Composition: Feminist Research Methods, Design Approaches, and Project Development
    • In this multimodal composition course, we will broaden our definition of writing to produce various types of texts that employ multiple modes of communication like sounds, words, images, body movement, etc. Our subject of inquiry in this course will be the intersection of feminism and multimodality. As such, we will create social justice oriented texts. We will also...
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Announcement from the UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences: 

Looking for an interesting summer course?  ESRM 491 D is a full-term summer course on bees, beekeeping, and pollination.  This hands-on course, taught at the Center for Urban Horticulture, features bee handling, swarm collecting, honey extracting, bee-related artwork, and more.  For more information, see the attached flier, or contact the instructor at


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Announcement from the UW Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies:

2017 Featured Fall Quarter Course Offerings

GWSS 252: Black Gender: Manhood and Womanhood in the African American Community (5) I&S/VLPA, Bettina Judd,

This course engages the complexities of racial and gender identities within Black communities. We question the concepts of manhood and womanhood and their intersection with racial constructs as categories of personhood through the critical lens of Africana/African American Studies and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies.

GWSS 290: From the Headlines: Protest and Spectacle, From Ferguson to College Campuses (5) I&S, Chandan Reddy,

This course will study the relationship between race, gender and violence in the U.S. We will seek to understand why in U.S. society there continues to be a grossly disproportionately arrest, incarceration and state killing of Black, Latino and Native men and women, despite the...

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A new course has been added to the autumn schedule:

Pol S 314, Israel: Dynamic Society and Global Flashpoint
Instructor: Prof. Liora Halperin
Lecture: TTh 130-320
SLN: 23547
Field B, Comparative Politics, OR Field C, International Relations
International Security Option elective course

There is a brief description at

There are only 4 spaces available right now in Pol S 314, but the course is also joint with Near E 315, HSTCMP 490A, and JSIS A 314. Students can enroll in any section and get Pol S credit (but notify a Pol S adviser if you enroll in HSTCMP 490A--we'll need to code that one by hand).

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Announcement from the UW Career & Internship Center: 

Hello Huskies!

2017 Summer Career Fair

Wednesday, June 14th

2-5pm, HUB North Ballroom (211A)

Full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities are available

Students from all 3 campuses are welcome to attend


  • Your potential employers want to meet you IN PERSON. This is a fabulous opportunity for you to make a great impression with the recruiters.
  • Recruiters hire students who attend fairs. The majority of the employers who attend our career fairs and complete our surveys indicate that they’ve extended offers to candidates they met at the fair.
  • Employers aren’t just looking for programmers and accountants. Many employers who attended last year’s Summer Career Fair were open to ALL MAJORS! DO use ...
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Announcement from the UW Department of Urban Design and Planning:    URBDP 498G/598K - Digital Design - B Term - MW - 3:00-5:10 PM   Digital Design tools--2D or 3--are an important part of a planner's toolkit. Clearly communicating ideas to clients, the public at large, and with managers is all made easier through the production of attractive, effective handouts, flyers, and posters.  The same principles, techniques, and tools can be applied to the presentation of GIS data in the form of clear and attractive maps. Intro to Digital Design is a practice based course that introduces the student to Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, ESRI ArcGIS, and Google Sketchup in order to build the necessary skills to produce effective visual communication tools in the form of maps, fliers, and reports.
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Announcement from the UW Jackson School of International Studies:    JSIS A 314: Israel in a Global Context (5 I&S, DIV) AUT 2017, T/TH 1:30-3:20pm with new UW Israel Studies Professor Liora Halperin SLN: 23524   Introduces the people, institutions, and culture of Israel in the context of larger global forces. Examines domestic, regional, and international elements, both historically and in the contemporary period, that have shaped Israel's culture, politics, and special role in world affairs. Topics include nationalism, ethnicity, politics, religion, film, literature, and culture. 
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Announcement from the UW College of the Environment:

Sustaining Pacific Northwest Ecosystems, ESRM201

Summer 2017 B-Term (July 20 - August 19) 

This course is an introduction to the priniciple of ecology using our own Pacific Northwest ecosystems as the learning environment. We will be exploring how our unique geology and geography shape our local ecosystems, and will use the urban to wildland gradient to study the effect of human activities on nature. Students will be exposed in the classroom, labs and field trips to basic ecological theory and northwest plant communities as well as to the interaction of plants, soil, soil organism, climate, hydrology, fire, insects and diseases on the landscape. 


  • Principles of ecology across an urban to wildland gradient
  • PNW plant communities 
  • Interactions of plants, soils, microbes, climate, hydrology, fire, insects, diseases, and wildlife
  • Challenges of managing...
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Announcement from the UW College of the Environment:   Autumn quarter ESRM 320 (SLN 14960), Marketing and Management From a Sustainability Perspective, is a course that:   Overview.     In ESRM 320, we explore two of the four primary business dimensions: marketing and human resource management. Marketing refers to promoting,... Read more
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Announcement from the UW Department of Global Health: 

Please join us next week for the 2017 Stephen Stewart Gloyd Endowed Lecture presented by Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, who represents Washington state's 7th District:

Global Austerity Policies, Inequality and Health:
What Can We Do

Friday, June 2, 2017

7:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Kane Hall, Room 130 (4069 Spokane Ln, Seattle)

Pramila Jayapal is committed to ensuring that every resident of Washington's 7th district has economic opportunity; fairness and equity; and safe and healthy communities. She previously worked for PATH, in the private sector and as executive director of the nonprofit Hate Free Zone.

This event is free and open to the public. Seating is first-come, first-served. Light reception to follow.

The Stephen Stewart Gloyd Endowed Lecture was established in 1982 to recognize...

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