Week of November 12, 2018

Department of Political Science Bulletin, November 16, 2018

Holiday reminder: The University will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 22 and 23, for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The Department of Political Science Holiday Party will take place on Friday, December 7, 2018, in the UW Club, Yukon Pacific Room, 4:00–6:00pm. Children are welcome. Beverages and appetizers will be provided. Please RSVP by Monday, December 3rd!


Tony Gill presented his “An Economic Defense of Tipping” lecture for the sixth time this year, regaling a large audience of over 100 engaged students at the Institute for Economic Inquiry at Creighton University’s School of Business and Economics on November 8. The talk was so successful that Tony made it snow the next day, and snowballs were thrown.

Tony Gill gave a talk entitled “The Libertarian Club Conundrum” to a smaller student gathering at Creighton University’s IEI on November 9.  Eager students and faculty braved the snow to attend, and Tony was treated earlier to The Wheel of Meatballs in Omaha. Tony also served as a guest faculty commentator for student research presentations on that day. To make the trip memorable, dog puppets were distributed later in the evening.

Christianna Parr received an ARNOVA Graduate Diversity Scholarship to attend the Association for Research On Non-Profit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) Annual Conference in Austin, Texas. Christianna presented her paper titled "Leaders and Laggards: Civil Society and Environmental Treaty Ratification" on the panel for NGO advocacy and the environment. 

Steven Karceski, Nives Dolšak, and Aseem Prakash. 2018. "Read my lips: No new (carbon) tax." The Hill. November 13, 2018

Ellen Alexandra Holtmaat, Christopher Adolph, and Aseem Prakash. "The Global Diffusion of Environmental Clubs: The Chemical Industry’s Responsible Care Program," a paper presented at the "Sustainability and Development" Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 9–11 November 2018.

Joannie Tremblay-Boire and Aseem Prakash. "Natural disasters and charitable giving: Do religious charities have an edge?", a paper presented at the 47th annual conference of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA), Austin, Texas, November 15-19, 2018.

At the ARNOVA conference, Aseem Prakash organized and chaired a roundtable on,  "Oxfam: Lessons for Nonprofit Theory and Governance." The panelists reflected how the Oxfam scandal sharpens/changes our understanding of nonprofit theory and nonprofit governance, how might such governance failures by corrected, and how can nonprofits win back public trust and become more effective policy actors. Panelists included: Kirsten Grønbjerg (Indiana/SPEA), Susan Philips (Ottawa, editor NVSQ), Roseanne Mirabella (Seton Hall), Lester Salmon (Hopkins), and Mark Sidel (Wisconsin-Madison).


Professor Robert Sutter, George Washington University: "Pushback: The China Challenge." Monday, November 19, Law School Room 138, 4–6 pm. Sponsored by UW Law School, UW Jackson School of International Studies, and the Confucius Institute.
Is a new Cold War between China and the United States becoming the reality? Under the Trump Administration, China-U.S. relations are deteriorating at a rapid rate. Recent policies and behaviors on both sides have created an enormously destructive dynamics in the relationship. It is time for us to reevaluate some of the heated debates in both countries’ policy arena today: Are Chinese and American national interests fundamentally incompatible? How did China-U.S. relations get to the current mode of confrontation?  As the American government is making its vital shift on U.S. China Policy, we are honored to have Dr. Robert Sutter, one of the nation’s leading analysts and historians on China-US Relations, with us to give a lecture on the origins, evolution, and implications of America’s whole of government opposition to China’s challenges.  Professor Don Hellmann and Professor David Bachman from the Jackson School of International Studies will serve as discussants.

Transcending Fear, a documentary about the life and work of Gao Zhisheng 高智晟, a Christian human rights lawyer twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Nominee who dedicated his career to defending persecuted activists and religious minorities and documenting human rights abuses in China. He was "disappeared" in August 2017. Sponsored by the Jackson School Student Association, Effective Altruism at the University of Washington, and Asian Student Commission. Monday, November 19, Gowen 301, 6 pm.

Severyns-Ravenholt Seminar in Comparative Politics (SR-SCP): Kevin Aslett (PhD student, UW), subject TBD.  Friday, November 30, 2018, 12:00 to 1:30pm, Olson Room (Gowen 1A).


Tech Policy Lab Distinguished Lecture: “Hacking Elections”, a conversation with Matt Tait (cybersecurity expert and former British intelligence officer). Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 7:00–8:30pm. Kane Hall, University of Washington, Free, but RSVP Requested: Register Here.




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