Week of October 23, 2017


The Political Science Department will be hosting a faculty panel on the topic of the politics of terrorism. It will take place in Gowen 201 and Professors Megan Francis, Geoff Wallace, and Ellis Goldberg will be the panelists. It will take place on November 15th from 4:30-6pm. Please visit our website for more details and to rsvp: https://goo.gl/D65gcN

The Political Science Department has started a new LinkedIn group. Please join us and help us expand our network!


Laura Evans, Nives Dolsak, and Aseem Prakash. "Varying Actors, Varying Aspirations: Climate Change Policy and Native Nations," a paper presented at the 113th annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, August 31-September 3, 2017. This paper was also presented at the plenary session of the 8th Annual Northwest Climate Conference at the Tacoma Convention Center, October 1, 2017.

Tony Gill’s podcast Research on Religion (www.researchonreligion.org) hit a milestone on Sunday, October 15 with the uploading of the 350th original episode. That discussion featured Prof. Tim Clydesdale talking about the importance of teaching vocation in higher education, an interesting discussion for anybody taking the teaching portion of our jobs seriously.  We are also finishing up next week with the seventh in our series of episodes devoted to the Protestant Reformation(with the 500th anniversary on Oct. 31).  Prof. James Felak (UW History) and I have a rousing discussion of the Counter-Reformation.  Also, check out Tony’s favorite episode over the past 7 ½ years – Matt Moore on Buddhism and the Robopocalypse, which has a surprisingly large amount of discussion on public policy centered around artificial intelligence.

Meredith Loken and Anna Zelenz, 2017. "Explaining extremism: Western women in Daesh," European Journal of International Security doi:10.1017/eis.2017.13 

Scott Lemieux had a column published in Reuters on October 18 titled, "Commentary: Blame the Constitution for Trump’s undemocratic executive orders." To read the article see: https://goo.gl/iEymp2


University of Washington International Security Colloquium (UWISC): Michael Barnett (George Washington University), "Human Rights and Humanitarianism: Distinctions with or Without a Difference?" Graduate student discussant: Paige Sechrest (Political Science). Friday, October 27, 12-1:20pm in the Olson Room (GWN 1A). 

Center for Environmental Politics: Mark Trahant (University of North Dakota), “Disruption in Indian Country; A Rebalancing Act.” Friday, November 3, 12-1:30pm in the Olson Room (GWN 1A).

Washington Institute for the Study of Inequality & Race (WISIR): Robin D.G. Kelley (Distinguished Professor and Gary B. Nash Endowed Chair in US History at the University of California, Los Angeles), "What Is Racial Capitalism and Why Does It Matter?" Tuesday, November 7, 7-8:30pm in Kane 210. Also co-sponsored by the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies and the Simpson Center for the Humanities. This lecture has reached capacity. To join a waitlist, please email the Simpson Center at uwch@uw.edu


Joint Seminar in Development Economics: Alan Griffith (Acting Assistant Professor, Economics, UW), "Network Partitioning and Social Exclusion under Different Selection Regimes." Monday, October 23, 11-12:30pm in Savery 410.

Trump in the World Lecture Series: Professor Tony Lucero (Associate Professor, Chair of Latin America and Caribbean Studies), "The US-Mexican Border." Monday, October 23, 4:30-6:00PM in Kane Hall, Room 110. Sponsored by the Jackson School.

Simpson Center for the Humanities: Jean Goodwin, J.D., Ph.D. (SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Communication, North Carolina State University), "Communicating Science to the Partisan Tribes." Friday, October 27, in Communication 120 from 3:30-5pm. Also sponsored by the STSS Graduate Certificate Program and the Department of Communications.

Trump in the World Lecture Series: Professor Sunila Kale (Associate Professor, Chair and Director of South Asia Studies), "India." Monday, October 30, 4:30-6:00PM in Kane Hall, Room 110. Sponsored by the Jackson School.

Middle East Center: Kevan Harris (Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, UCLA), “The Islamic Republic of Iran Through the Lens of the Welfare State.” Tuesday, October 31, 3:30-5pm in Thomson 317.

The Graduate School: Maria Hinojosa (news correspondent and journalist), "Testing the Limits of Due Process Denial: Latinos and Immigrants as the Canaries in the Mine." Wednesday, November 1, 7:30-9pm in Kane 130. Admission is free. Advance registration is required.

Trump in the World Lecture Series: Professor David Bachman (Professor, Henry M. Jackson Professor of International Studies), "China." Monday, November 6, 4:30-6:00PM in Kane Hall, Room 110. Sponsored by the Jackson School.

Middle East Center: Nova Robinson (Assistant Professor, History and International Studies, Seattle University), "Syrian 'Sisters of Men' and the Gendering of Arab Internationalism, 1938-1949." Monday, November 13, 12:30-1:30pm in Thomson 317.

QUAL Speaker Series: Matthew Powers (Assistant Professor, Communications, UW), "What Interviews Are Good For." Wednesday, November 15, 12:30pm in Thomson 317.

Foster School of Business: Ichiro Fujisaki (Former Ambassador of Japan to the United States 2008-12), "US-Japan Relations Disrupted? An Ambassador's Perspective." Thursday, November 16, 5:30-7pm in Dempsey Hall, 3rd floor, Anthony's Forum. To register: www.bitly.com/Tateuchi2017