Week of October 8, 2018

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Mathieu Dubeau published “Reclaiming Species-Being: Toward an Interspecies Historical Materialism”, Rethinking Marxism, 30 (2018):2, 186–207. DOI: 10.1080/08935696.2018.1502307

Tony Gill published “Religion and Political Science: The Dimensions of a Social Scientific Great Awakening” in Religion and the Social Sciences: Basic and Applied Research Perspectives, edited by Jeff Levin. Templeton Press, 2018.

 After an eight-year run and 372 unique episodes, Tony Gill ended the Research on Religion podcast back in June 2018 and finished off with his Top Twelve favorite episodes that ran weekly into mid-September.  A full list of the Top Twelve, including the surprising (and unusual) #1 favorite can still be found archived at www.researchonreligion.org.    

Tony Gill volunteered to be the unofficial Political Science Department faculty “representative” (fan) at the Chic-fil-A Kickoff Classic pitting the UW Huskies against the Auburn Tigers on September 1, 2018, and the UW vs UCLA game in Pasadena, CA on October 6, 2018.  A good time was had even though the overall record was 1–1.

Karen Litfin gave a luncheon talk on "Ecovillages Around the World: Planetary Politics from the Ground Up" at Amazon headquarters on September 25.

 As a part of the 2018 Activist Congress organized at Oxford University, Aseem Prakash participated in a debate at the Oxford University Union on August 30, 2018. The Oxford Union has a long and distinguished debating history (since 1823) and has hosted many different speakers including prime ministers, sports stars, celebrities, authors, and leading thinkers. For the debate, the motion was: "This house believes that activism is undemocratic and elitist." Participants included Kumi Naidoo, the Head of Amnesty International and the former Head of Greenpeace. Aseem's team won the debate.

Aseem Prakash also presented a paper (co-authored with Joannie Trembly-Boire), "Biased Altruism: Islamophobia and Donor Support for Global Humanitarian Organizations," at the 2018 Reputation Symposium organized by the Centre for Corporate Reputation Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, 29–31 August 2018.


Professionalization Series for Graduate Students (PSGS): “Publishing 101.” A discussion of the process and guidance for publishing in Political Science journals with James Caporaso, Sophia Jordán Wallace, and Geoff Wallace. Monday, October 15, 2018, 12:00 to 1:30pm, Olson Room (Gowen 1A).

The State of Washington will vote on the Carbon Fee Initiative (I-1631) in November 2018. The Center for Environmental Politics is organizing a public debate on this subject on Tuesday, October 16, 5:00- 6:20 pm, in Gowen 301. The event is free and all are welcome. We look forward to seeing you at the debate.

WISIR Lecture: Trevon Logan (Distinguished Professor of Economics, The Ohio State University), “Whitelashing, Black Politicians, Taxes, and Violence.” Wednesday, October 17, 11:30am–1:00pm, Olson Room (Gowen 1A)

Severyns-Ravenholt Seminar in Comparative Politics (SR-SCP): Shelby Grossman (Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Memphis), “The Politics of Order in Informal Markets”. Graduate student discussant: Stephen Winkler (Political Science, UW).  Friday, October 19, 2018, 12:00 to 1:30pm, Olson Room (Gowen 1A).

Sawyer Seminar Distinguished Lecture: Jodi Melamed (Professor, Marquette University), “The Open Secret of Racial Capitalist Violence.” Friday, October 19, 4:00–6:00pm, COMM 120.

Job Talk: Emily Gade has been invited for a campus visit by Texas A & M, Utah State University, and the University of Southern California. She will be presenting her practice job talks on Friday, October 19, 1:30–3:00 pm in Smith 40A and again on Monday, 22 October, 12–1:30, Gowen 1A. The talk is titled: “Networks of Cooperation: Rebel Alliances in Fragmented Civil Wars.” 

University of Washington International Security Colloquium (UWISC): Dominic Tierney (Swarthmore College), "The Negativity Bias in International Politics." Graduate student discussant: Bree Bang-Jensen (Political Science, UW). Friday, October 26, 12–1:20pm in the Olson Room (Gowen 1A).

The Center for Environmental Politics is hosting the first of three “Conversations with Sally Jewell” on October 30, 4:00–6:00pm, Allen Library, Petersen Room. This is co-sponsored by the EarthLab. Sally served as U.S. Secretary of the Interior under President Barack Obama. Before serving as Interior Secretary, Jewell was President and CEO of REI. She is currently a Distinguished Fellow at the University of Washington College of the Environment. The October 30 Conversation will focus on Federal Government and Environmental Policy. The event is free but given the limited seating capacity, the audience will need to reserve their seat.  We are giving you the opportunity to reserve your spot before we open it to the public. You can reserve it here: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3626363

Political Science Fall Faculty Panel: Professors Mark Alan Smith (Professor, Political Science, UW), Christopher Sebastian Parker (Professor, Political Science, UW), and Sophia Jordán Wallace (Associate Professor, Political Science, UW), "The 2018 Midterms and their Consequences" Thursday, November 1, 2018, 5:30–7:00pm, Johnson Hall, Room 102. Please visit our website for more details and to rsvp: https://www.polisci.washington.edu/

Center for Environmental Politics (CEP): Neil Lewis, Jr. (Assistant Professor, Communication and Social Behavior, Cornell University). “The Complex Relationship between Climate Change Beliefs and Sustainable Behavior”.  Friday, November 2, 2018, 12:00 to 1:30pm, Olson Room (Gowen 1A).

Sawyer Seminar Capstone Conference “Histories of Racial Capitalism: Empire, Policing, and Resistance”. Invited Guests Include: Michael C. Dawson (University of Chicago), Iyko Day (Mount Holyoke College), Leah Wright Rigueur (Harvard Kennedy School), Alyosha Goldstein (University of New Mexico), Donna Murch (Rutgers), Justin Leroy (UC Davis). Friday, November 2, 9:30am–4:00pm, Peterson Room, UW Library.



BUNK: The Information Series: Brendan Nyhan (Professor, Public Policy, University of Michigan) “Selective Exposure to Misinformation: Evidence from the Consumption of Fake News during the 2016 Presidential Campaign”. Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 7:30pm. Kane Hall, room 120. Sponsored by UW Graduate School, Office of the Provost, College of Arts & Sciences, and School of Public Health.





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