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Ellen Ahlness

Ellen Ahlness

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M.A. Political Science, University of Washington, Seattle. 2017.
B.A. International Relations, Scandinavian Studies, MNSU Mankato. 2015.

Ellen Ahlness was a PhD student in the Department of Political Science and a graduate fellow in the Center for Environmental Politics, Washington Institute for the Study of Inequality and Race, and the International Security Colloquium. She studied comparative politics, international relations, and environmental politics. Specific research interests include geopolitics and environmental security in the Arctic, Scandinavian politics, and indigenous politics. Her  research explored circumpolar understandings of 'security,' particularly among states, NGOs, and indigenous nations, as well as the interactions between an opening Arctic, perceptions of vulnerability, and state militarization policy.

Ellen is an alum of Høyskolen i Telemark in Bø, Norway. She was a U.S. Department of State intern for the Office of International Security Operations, and enjoys the music of Gabrielle and the musical Hamilton.


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