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Eric Schwab


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My research focuses on U.S. foreign policy, specifically security assistance, arms sales, and foreign aid. I'm interested in how the U.S. manages its complex portfolio of security, economic, diplomatic and normative interests within foreign states via transfers of military assistance and various forms of aid. The intersection of concerns for short and long-term goals in these different arenas creates an imperative for careful analysis, as the U.S. continues to update its broad foreign policy platforms and interests in the 21st century. 

One current working paper examines how the shifting political landscape with the onset of the U.S. War on Terror has affected the policy of security assistance and cooperation in developing nations with records of political and human rights abuses. 

I have been a teaching assistant in a variety of political science courses, including introductory classes in IR, American Politics, Comparative Politics, and Political Economy, as well as advanced courses in International Conflict, U.S. Congress, and Media & Society.