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Noga Rotem

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Prof. Noga Rotem

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Noga Rotem is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Washington. Her research and teaching focus on Democratic theory, Feminist theory, and Affect.

She is currently finishing her first book - “One world: Counter-Paranoia from Hobbes to Arendt” which studies the strange promise of paranoia for democratic theory and politics.

Rotem earned her PhD in Political Theory (with distinction) in 2021 from the Department of Political Science at Brown University.

Her two latest articles are “World-Craving: Rahel Varnhagen, Daniel Paul Schreber, and the Strange Promise of Paranoia,” (Political Theory, 2020), and “The World in a Geranium Pot: Female Paranoia and Love of Detail in Schor, Beauvoir, and Arendt,” (Philosophy & Social Criticism, 2023)


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