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Timothy L. Burgess

2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient
Tim Burgess -- Distingiushed Alumni


Tim Burgess served 10 years at Seattle City Hall as a member of the City Council and as the city’s 55th Mayor. He was first elected city-wide in 2007 and won re-election in 2011 and 2015. Tim focused his work on issues related to improving the lives of Seattle’s children. Under his leadership, Seattle became the fourth major U.S. city to fully fund the Nurse Family Partnership, a home visitation program for low-income families that The New York Times calls America's best anti-poverty program. He was the lead architect of the Seattle Preschool Program that will eventually offer high-quality preschool to all of the city's three-and four-year old children. Tim also developed the Seattle Retirement Savings Plan for workers without an employer-offered plan, making Seattle the first city in the nation to create such a plan. In his time at City Hall, he was a consistent and staunch advocate for criminal justice and police reform, economic growth policies, and tourism promotion