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Profs. Christopher Adolph and Jake Grumbach in the UW News: Vote by Mail and Mask Mandates

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on September 4, 2020 - 2:09pm

Prof. Jake Grumbach in the UW News, Sept. 4th, "UW political science expert on the value of mail-in voting".

“Mail voting benefits all kinds of voters, of all ages, races, geographies and partisan identities. And despite Trump’s attacks on mail voting, voters from both parties support it,” Grumbach said. “The very few documented cases of attempted fraud have quickly been detected. The risk of human and technological error is also no more prevalent than with traditional ballots.”

In light of ongoing interest in mail-in voting, Grumbach weighed in with some research-based perspective.


Prof. Christopher Adolph, also in the Sept. 4th edition, "Mask mandates delayed by nearly a month in Republican-led states, UW study finds".

“Wearing masks in public places is one of the easiest ways to reduce transmission of the coronavirus, and clear, consistent mandates are one of the best tools we have to get everyone to wear masks regularly. Our team has been tracking mask mandates covering indoor public spaces, where the risk of transmission is highest, and we wanted to know whether adoption was really as partisan as it seemed, or if there were other explanations,” said Christopher Adolph, an associate professor of political science at the UW and lead author of the study. The research is part of the UW COVID-19 State Policy Project, led by Adolph and John Wilkerson, political science professor and chair of the department.