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Profs. Christopher Adolph and Emerita Margaret Levi on Folio Seattle: Election 2020 - The Economy As An Election Issue

Submitted by Stephen Dunne on October 20, 2020 - 2:56pm

On a recent Folio Seattle talk, Prof. Christopher Adolph and Prof. Emerita Margaret Levi discuss not just the upcoming election but our year of crisis 2020 and the economic strains we are now facing.

Hosted by Morton Kondracke, featuring Washington State Senator Doug Erickson and economist William Galston, as well.

Prof. Adolph:
"The way I think of the year 2020 is a of year of crisis on crisis."
We are still feeling the effects of the social justice crisis, environment crisis, political crisis that began in 2016.
The pandemic: We cannot solve the economic crisis without solving the pandemic crisis and cannot solve the pandemic without new competent, science based leadership.
Prof. Levi:
This moment is an opportunity. A major time to consider what our path will be.
The economy created under Reagan and Thatcher is fraying, as economies do. Time to think about a new framework for economies and workers as we go plan for the future.
Trade agreements are often flawed but correcting them won't bring jobs back. The economy has fundamentally changed.

Please link here for the full video.