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Mark Smith Q13
U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert (R-Wash) announced on Wednesday that he would not be seeking re-election. Mark Smith joined Kaci Aitchison and Travis Mayfield on Q13 News This Morning to discuss what this could mean.  Professor Smith explains that out of the 435 districts around this country the majority of them are not competitive (meaning they strongly side with one party). “There are only about two dozen maybe three dozen that are pretty close to the margin…this is one of those seats, one of those districts. So you could see a change in party control depending on which candidates both... Read more
Steve Zech
Steve Zech (Ph.D. Alumnus, 2016) was selected as a recipient of the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI, award for Best Doctoral Dissertation in the Field of Terrorism and Counter-terrorism Studies. He plans to finish converting his dissertation (Between Two Fires: Civilian Resistance during... Read more
Les Deplorables Book Cover
University of Washington Political Science alumnus, Professor Ronald T. Libby, published a book entitled "Les Deplorables: How the Tea Party Put Trump into Office and Rules America" in June 2017. Professor Libby received his MA and PhD from the Department of Political Science. He is currently a professor of political science and public administration at University of North Florida. Les Deplorables is the first book published by a new press founded by Professor Libby and his colleague called Twelve Tables Publishers. About Les Deplorables:Les... Read more
UW Political Science Professor Megan Ming Francis authored a piece in The Washington Post on August 13th, “Donald Trump is no friend to black activists. They should engage him anyway.” Prof. Francis notes that though the President Trump’s comments after the Charlottesville, VA violence show his lack of concern for the cause of civil rights, activists can... Read more
Senate Democratic Leaders - Creative Commons License
UW Political Science Professor Christopher Sebastian Parker authored an article for the online news magazine Slate. In the article, Parker poses the following question: “Do Democrats’ really believe that chasing Trump voters while alienating people of color will win elections?”   In the article, Professor Parker examines the new platform of the Democratic Party and discusses its likelihood of leading to electoral success. He notes that “this new progressive... Read more
In the August 3, 2017 publication of The Chronicle of Higher Education  Prof. Christopher Parker writes that the Trump administration is keeping a campaign promise, to reverse a long held affirmative action in university admission, even though, …public opinion supports affirmative action, it’s settled law, and it’s good for society. Still, for Trump and Sessions, a promise is a promise. Trump told his voters he would "Make America Great Again" — and so here we are.   Read the entire piece... Read more
Christopher Parker
The Salon’s David Masciotra interviewed UW Political Science Professor Christopher Sebastian Parker about what led to the election of Donald Trump. Professor Parker addresses the competing explanations for the election result, namely economic anxiety versus racial resentment, and elaborates on how the latter determined the election outcome: “Racial resentment and terror at the prospect of social change is what animated the Tea Party and now energizes Trump supporters, […] not... Read more
Professors Nives Dolšak (School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, UW) and Aseem Prakash (Department of Political Science) published an opinion piece on July 11th in The Regulatory Review called “Solar Panels on a Border Wall.” In early June, President Donald Trump proposed the idea of installing solar panels on the Mexican border wall. He said that a solar wall could “create energy and pay for itself.” In order to access the merits of this proposal, Professors Dolšak and Prakash examine three crucial... Read more
Christopher Parker
On July 6, 2017, UW Political Science Professor Christopher Sebastian Parker appeared on “The Michelangelo Signorile Show” to discuss his research on the impact of racial anxiety on the 2016 presidential election. Specifically, Professor Parker talked about the results of the Voter Study Group, which is a group that includes academics as well as right- and left-leaning think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and the Center for American Progress. The group... Read more
Aseem Prakash
UW political science Professor Aseem Prakash and his colleagues James Ron (University of Minnesota) and Kendra Dupuy (Peace Research Institute Oslo in Norway and previous UW political science graduate student) contributed a guest article to The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog entitled, "Across the globe, governments are cracking down on civic organizations.... Read more