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Prof. Jake Grumbach in the UW News, Sept. 4th, "UW political science expert on the value of mail-in voting". “Mail voting benefits all kinds of voters, of all ages, races, geographies and partisan identities. And despite Trump’s attacks on mail voting, voters from both parties support it,” Grumbach said. “The very few documented cases of attempted fraud have quickly been detected. The risk of... Read more
Prof. Christopher Adolph says the worst public health crisis in a century has become politicized, and has the data to prove it. "States led by Republican governors have been slower than those led by Democrats to require residents to wear masks to protect against the novel coronavirus — if they have adopted such rules at all." Prof. Adolph and grad student researchers at UW Seattle Political Science Department found that states with Republican governers were more reluctant to require people to wear masks. "The University of Washington research looked... Read more
Prof. Aseem Prakash and colleague Prof. Nives Dolšak on the Forbes web site ask, "Is Trump administration turning green? It has halted the permitting of Alaska’s Pebble Mine. It has given 90 days to the Pebble Partnership to... Read more
UW Political Economy
New UW Political Economy Forum Podcast Episode - Is Cancel Culture Threatening Free Speech? “If we don’t try to solve the fundamental problem behind the speech that we dislike and work only to mitigate the symptom — by censoring it — we drive the problem somewhere else.” This week, Professor James D. Long hosts an eclectic group of thinkers to discuss the... Read more
To vote this November, citizens must be registered. Each state has unique election rules and most require that voters register before election day. US Vote Foundation: State voting laws and requirements Here’s how to confirm that you are registered and to register if needed: National Association of Secretaries of State – Can I vote? Washington is a vote by mail... Read more
Election 2020
A three-part Zoom webinar series sponsored by the Department of Political Science RSVP Thursday, Oct. 1, 6:00 PM Aseem PrakashWill Climate Concerns Affect the 2020 Elections?___________________... Read more
Jerome Kohl
Dr. Jerome (Jerry) Kohl, our Administrative Assistant, passed unexpectedly this summer. Jerry was a thoughtful, kind and witty individual, an excellent editor and a cat lover. But few of us appreciated that the person collecting the mail every morning was, among other things, the world’s foremost expert on German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Jerry grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska as one of 4 children of a military family. He played clarinet in the Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra during high school and college where he earned undergraduate and master’s degrees in music. During the Vietnam war,... Read more
John Wilkerson
Autumn 2020 What a year, and more to come! If student evaluations are to be believed, our sudden transition to remote instruction last spring went well. I am grateful to our instructors, graduate students and undergraduates for responding to this completely unexpected challenge. We also had to cancel our department convocation - deeply disappointing for many graduating seniors - but our staff deserves appreciation for producing a virtual convocation (that included a procession, student photo montage and faculty congratulations) under tremendous time pressure. For part of the summer there was... Read more
W. Lance Bennett received his Ph.D. from Yale and has spent his entire academic career at the University of Washington. Lance is the author of 12 books, hundreds of articles, and numerous research grants. He is also the recipient of more than a dozen book and career achievement awards, including for the best book published in Political Communication in the last 10 years (When the Press Fails, co-authored with former students Regina Lawrence and Steve Livingston). Lance has served as chair of the department and is the founding... Read more