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George Lovell
Award Winning Excellence by George Lovell, Department Chair As the new Chair of the Department of Political Science, it is a pleasure to report news from the department to our alumni and friends. This edition of the newsletter provides information about some important achievements, the arrival of two new members of our faculty, the launch of an innovative research center, and the latest winner of our Distinguished Alumni Award. I am lucky to be taking the position of chair at a time when our department is thriving.  One clear indication of our success is that members of our department won a... Read more
John Wilkerson
Prof. John Wilkerson's LegSim Project is featured in the UW Provost's eTrends newsletter, "John Wilkerson: Expecting the unexpected in a dynamic group project" (PDF) (see page 10).
"What lies behind the Chinese Communist Party elite’s foregrounding of the ‘rule of law’? With China's declining economic growth rate and widening income inequality, the basic rationale at the heart of the party's right to rule is at risk." Continue reading the article by Prof. Susan Whiting and Xiao Ma on
Chris Parker
Prof. Christopher Parker participated in the University of Virginia's Miller Center American Forum debate, "Resolved: Our Polarized Political Process No Longer Reflects the Will of the American People," with George Will as one of the debaters.  It aired on PBS (transcripts available). Read more and view the episode on the Miller Center website.
"In the closing decades of the last century, many political and business elites were swept up in a global wave of policies favouring free markets, deregulation of business and finance and privatisation of public goods and services. Accompanying this updating of classical liberal thought (termed neoliberalism), public discourses focused on private lives organised around consumerism as a defining element of individual freedom." Continue reading Prof. Lance Bennett's article on connective action at... Read more
Watch the clip of Professor Christopher Parker from the Miller Center American Forum's National Debate Series, "If It Were Not for Big Central Gov't, I'd Be a Slave Right Now"
Latino America book cover
Latino America: How America's Most Dynamic Population is Poised to Transform the Politics of the NationBy Matt Barreto and Gary M Segura Read more about Latino America at Public Affairs Books. Matt Barreto appearances for book "Latino America: How America’s Most Dynamic Population is Poised to Transform the Politics of the Nation"... Read more
Prof. Peter May has won the Excellence in Mentoring Award from the Public Policy Section at APSA. The section established the award “to recognize sustained efforts by a senior scholar to encourage and facilitate the career of emerging political scientists in the field of public policy.”