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Signing of Paris Agreement on Climate Change. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, with his two-year-old granddaughter Isabelle
On June 2nd, Mark Smith spoke with Kaci Aitchison on Q13 News This Morning about the United States leaving the Paris Climate Agreement. Smith explained that this decision signals to the rest of the world that the US leadership does not take climate change seriously. However, it is important to note that the US is not just represented by our formal leadership. We also have businesses, local governments, and state governments. Many of whom already claimed they plan to stick to the Paris Climate Agreement despite the withdrawal (Microsoft, Amazon, and Governor Jay Inslee of the State of... Read more
Mark Smith
On May 29th, Herb Weisbaum interviewed Mark Smith on Komo Radio. The topic they discussed was “Did Jared Kushner set up a secret backchannel of communication with Russian officials?” Smith explains that it is completely reasonable for an incoming administration to have contacts with foreign leaders. However, what is unusual is that Jared Kushner, advisor to the incoming President and his son-in-law, proposed setting up a secret backchannel to the Russian Ambassador using secure communication devices that Russians maintain. “If... Read more
Brendan McGovern
They are curious. They inspire their classmates. They are world travelers, peer tutors, and scholars. They are the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Medalists, selected on the basis of their GPA and glowing recommendations from faculty. Learn more about these UW seniors, who are at the top of their graduating class.  Brendan McGovern, Dean’s Medalist in the Arts Brendan McGovern, a double major in music and history, has performed in the UW Wind Ensemble and jazz ensembles and has delved into... Read more
Laura Dowling, ’81, ’91, served as the nation’s Chief Floral Designer from 2009 to 2015. Featured on Columns Magazine 
Aseem Prakash
Political Science Professor Aseem Prakash and colleague Nives Dolšak interviewed on the web site posit that the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement may have consequences that most do not expect. Trump’s move will likely serve to embolden a phenomenon of other countries taking the lead on global issues. … China is emerging as one such leader. Europe is also rising to take charge. Stating that abandoning the Paris Agreement could have little immediate effect... Read more
The Eiffel Tower Is Illuminated in Green to Celebrate Paris Agreement's Entry into Force
UW Political Science Professor Aseem Prakash and colleague Nives Dolšak, on The Conversation web site, suggest that there is an overreaction to the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement (Paris climate accord). It is more symbolic than impactful on climate, and we should not overreact. To be sure, the decision to pull the U.S. out of a global agreement is a dramatic one. But we suggest that this withdrawal is a symbolic action with little... Read more
Distinguished Teacher Awards 2017
Each spring, a handful of outstanding faculty earn a special spotlight: a Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA). Featured on Columns Magazine 
Meredith Loken
The UW Graduate School awards the 2017-18 Graduate School Presidential Dissertation Fellowship to Political Science graduate student Meredith Loken. She receives the fellowship, which provides the funding for one academic quarter, to advance her dissertation work. In her dissertation, which is titled “Women to the Front: Female Militants and Rebel Trajectory in Internal Conflicts,” Loken explores the... Read more
Victor Menaldo
A recent article on The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog discusses UW Political Science Professor Victor Menaldo’s work on constitutions in authoritarian regimes. Amherst College political science professor Javier Corrales wrote the article titled “Venezuela’s government wants to write a new constitution. That way lies autocracy.” Corrales addresses the potential consequences of the... Read more