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Recently, in The Seattle Times opinion section, Professors James D. Long and Victor Menaldo write about Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act and why it should be retained. "Gutting content posted by third parties would make them much more risk-averse and thus truly censorious." Before section 230 was... Read more
KUOW's Patricia Murphy talks with Professor Christopher Parker about how the new Biden administration will find it tricky to get unity in our country right now. Some of the highlights: We cannot have unity absent accountability. Black voters put Biden in the White House and people of color may not be so quick to turn out next time if there is no accountability. There is a possibility that the Biden administration might sideline the calls for racial equity in a return to normal. But this will be a serious knife edge for Biden to walk and still... Read more
UWPE Neither Free Nor Fair
In the episode of Neither Free Nor Fair? on the Political Economy Forum site, "Why is this Happening?" Prof. Megan Ming Francis explains the Capitol Riot and the 2020 election in historical context; the role of race in contemporary American political life; and the... Read more
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Prof. Victor Menaldo and Roddy Lindsay, CEO of Hustle and opinion columnist at The Information, along with Forum FellowNicolas Wittsock , debate the impact of Twitter’s move to ban President Trump on free speech. Also discussed, potential reform to Section 230 and the potential dangers of algorithmically amplified speech online. Please... Read more
Professor Lance Bennett on the UW Center for Journalism, Media & Democracy web site commenting after the recent riot at the U.S. Captitol building: Democracies are fragile. They require both citizens and elected officials who understand how a democracy works and who actually want to keep it. It is by now clear that when our fellow citizens call to “Save America,” “Make America Great Again”, “Defend Democracy” or “Stop the Steal”, those are coded terms of stopping the political ascendency of the non-white majority in America. They want a... Read more
John Wilkerson
We normally have to complete this newsletter about a month before it actually goes out.  The folks in charge of distribution made an exception for this one due to the fast-moving developments in the nation’s capitol. Today is January 14th  and this will be the third version of the chair’s letter that I have written. The second was written on Jan. 7, the day after the insurrection. Just one week later, the President has been impeached for the second time, and the nation is on edge, fearing rather than celebrating the day when a new president will be sworn into office. The most thoughtful... Read more
Professors James D. Long and Victor Menaldo on the events and aftermath options of the January 6th Capitol Building riot: Over Trump’s term as president, he repeatedly violated democratic norms, like brazenly promoting his own business interests, interfering in the Justice Department, rejecting congressional oversight, insulting judges, harassing the media, and failing to concede his election loss. However, as scholars who study democracy, we predict that the biggest threats to democracy Trump poses won’t emerge until... Read more
Prof. Aseem Prakash and colleague Nives Dolšak question whether the zero-emission goal is possible with the industrial supply chain. Tesla announced that it produced over 0.5 million cars last year. Tesla (with only 1.5% US market share) is the most crucial driver of the massive industry-wide transformation. But it is not the only player in the EV race. Many startups and existing auto companies have jumped in. In 2010, the total number of EVs (including plug-in... Read more
Professors Mark A. Smith, Jake Grumbach, and James Long on local media KOMO and KING talking about the demonstrations at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. Prof. Mark A. Smith interview on KOMO-AM Prof. Jake Grumbach on KING5 web site... Read more