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Sarah Dreier
UW Political Science PhD candidate Sarah Dreier appeared on the May 14, 2017 episode of the “Research on Religion Podcast” to discuss her research on Anglicans, Lutherans, and African churches. Specifically, she addresses the cultural rift between African churches and their Anglican/Lutheran counterparts in Europe and the US. In the podcast, Dreier answers question like: Why are some African Anglican and Lutheran churches vocally opposed to the progressive social mores of... Read more
Bono and Al Gore
Along with his colleague Nives Dolšak from the UW School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, UW Political Science Professor Aseem Prakash authored an article about the environmental movement for the popular, academic journal Solutions. In the article Prakash and Dolšak argue: “The [environmental] movement needs to draw strength from the power of the people, not from the appeal of celebrities. This is an inconvenient truth that the environmental movement must tackle.” Specifically,... Read more
Anthony Gill
UW Political Science Professor Anthony Gill authored a commentary discussing the tipping of Uber drivers for Fortune Magazine. The current debate “within the service industry and amongst government regulators” is about whether to require “ride-share companies such as Uber to include an option for tips on their customers’ receipts.” In the article, Gill argues that “drivers’ income aside, the study of economics provides a subtler explanation [for allowing tipping] that executives at Uber should wisely... Read more
CC BY-SA 2.0 License - 2013 Savar building collapse, Bangladesh
UW Political Science Professor Aseem Prakash authored an article for the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog along with University of Amsterdam Assistant Professor and former UW graduate student Sijeong Lim. In the article, Prakash and Lim address what we have learned following the collapse of a factory building in Bangladesh in 2013 that killed more than 1,100 workers. Specifically, they focus on “the... Read more
Jared Stewart, UW Political Science
UW Political Science PhD student and teaching assistant Jared Stewart receives the 2017 University of Washington Excellence in Teaching Award. This teaching award is given annually to two graduate student teaching assistants or instructors from the entire Seattle campus. Thus, receiving an Excellence in Teaching Award is one of the highest teaching recognitions at the University of Washington. The Department of Political Science is honored to count dedicated instructors like Jared Stewart as one of our own. Political Science Department Chair Professor George Lovell notes: “Jared’s recognition... Read more
New York Times columnist Max Fisher interviewed UW Political Science Professor Jonathan Mercer for an article he wrote about the effectiveness of U.S. military strikes in sending a warning message to other foreign adversaries. Fisher argues that despite a lack of evidence, the Trump administration insists that its strikes in Syria and Afghanistan serve as a warning signal to leaders in other countries, such as Russia, North Korea, and Iran. Citing various academic studies, the article notes that “repeated investigation has found that this notion is baseless.” Professor Mercer added that “this... Read more
UW Political Science Professor Aseem Prakash and his colleague Nives Dolšak from the UW School of Marine and Environmental Affairs contributed a guest article to The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog. In the article, they explain why EPA head Scott Pruitt “denied a petition asking for a ban on the use of an insecticide called Chlorpyrifos,” which “... Read more
Husky 100
Each year, the Husky 100 recognizes 100 UW undergraduate and graduate students from Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma in all areas of study who are making the most of their time at the UW. From a pool of more than 50,000 students from all three campuses, three Political Science majors from the Seattle campus were selected for the 2017 Husky 100. The Husky 100 know that education happens inside and outside of the classroom, and they are making a difference on campus, in their communities and... Read more
Geoffrey Wallace
In an article for The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog, referencing the recent U.S. missile attack on Syria, UW Political Science Professor Geoffrey P.R. Wallace and colleagues published research about possible public response to leaders for actions that contradict their earlier promises. Mismatches between words and deeds raise concerns about a state’s reputation and credibility in crises. However, we usually think about situations where leaders fail to follow through on threats ... and whether leaders suffer politically for publicly “backing out” of a conflict. But there... Read more
Erin Adam
The Law & Society Association has selected UW Political Science PhD Candidate Erin Adam to receive its 2017 Graduate Student Paper Prize for her paper “Intersectional Coalitions: The Paradoxes of Rights-Based Movement Building in LGBTQ and Immigrant Communities.” In her paper, Adam focuses on “inter- and intra-movement coalitions composed of organizations within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) and immigrant rights movements that have formed at the local level.” She finds a paradox: “[C]... Read more