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Aseem Prakash
UW political science Professor Aseem Prakash and his colleagues James Ron (University of Minnesota) and Kendra Dupuy (Peace Research Institute Oslo in Norway and previous UW political science graduate student) contributed a guest article to The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog entitled, "Across the globe, governments are cracking down on civic organizations.... Read more
Undergraduates waiting for the ceremony to start
The Department of Political Science’s 2017 Convocation took place on Thursday, June 8th, 2017. Attorney General Bob Ferguson (BA, 1989) was the keynote speaker and recipient of the department’s Distinguished Alumnus Award. Read his biography below. Benjamin Lafferty Lennon was the undergraduate student speaker. The 2016-2017 graduates included 7 Doctor of Philosophy degrees, 10 Master of Arts degrees, and 304 Bachelor of Arts degrees. The department also presented three graduates with special recognitions: Robert A. Dahl Award for academic excellence: Anna Caroline Mikkelborg The Daniel S.... Read more
George Lovell
I write at the conclusion of a tumultuous academic year that overlapped with a surprising presidential election and its complicated aftermath. The presidential election intensified interest in politics not just among our students, but also for many people in our surrounding community. The articles in this edition of the newsletter feature some of the department’s outreach efforts and achievements. Some departmental highlights of the past year include three new new courses on very timely topics: Ellis Goldberg’s Politics of Terror and Terrorism, James Long’s Global Crime and Corruption, and... Read more
UW Political Science graduate student Andreu Casas Salleras receives the prestigious Moore-Sloan post-doc at the Center for Data Science at New York University. The center is one of the top world institutions in interdisciplinary data science research, with some of the best experts in natural language processing, computer vision, and computational social science generally.  Casas Salleras joins the Social Media and Political Participation lab at the NYU... Read more
International Studies Professor, Saadia Pekkanen, on how Japan is targeting independence in space-based information. Featured on Forbes 
University Beyond Bars
Political Science graduate students make essential contributions to undergraduate education as teaching assistants and instructors while earning their PhD degree. This year, three of the department’s outstanding graduate student instructors devoted their teaching skills in a novel setting: The Washington State Correctional Complex in Monroe. Chelsea Moore, Emma Rodman, and Emily Christensen taught a college level Introduction to American Government course to a group of prisoners as part of the University Beyond Bars (UBB) program.  The three... Read more
Fall 2016 - Faculty Panel
Why did Donald Trump win the presidency if Hillary Clinton had nearly three million more votes? What policy changes can President Trump make through executive orders without cooperation from Congress? How will people in China respond to the Trump presidency? Did Trump’s victory dramatically reduce the chances of addressing climate change through international agreements? These and many other questions related to the 2016 presidential election were discussed by UW faculty in a series of three public forums held this year by the Department of Political Science. The department began hosting... Read more
Faculty in the News
Members of the Department of Political Science have been busy over the past year sharing their expertise beyond the classroom. Faculty and graduate students have been prominently featured in national and regional news media, and many have participated in community forums and events as well. These outreach efforts have covered a wide range of topics including whether rideshare companies should allow tipping drivers,... Read more
Using just the text of a bill plus about a dozen other variables, a new artificial intelligence algorithm can determine the chance that a bill will become law with great precision. Featured on Science Magazine 
Michael McCann, Political Science
The University of Washington Graduate School awarded Professor Michael McCann with the 2017 Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award. “This award recognizes a UW faculty member who has made outstanding contributions to the education and guidance of graduate students,” explains the Graduate School. It is one of the University’s highest honors. McCann has chaired or served as a key committee member for more than 80 PhD students at the UW. In addition, he has raised more than a million dollars in outside grant money, and has used those resources to support graduate education. This... Read more