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Political Science UW Seattle Lecturer Scott Lemieux writes that Senate Majority Leader McConnell wants to add immunity for employers against COVID-19 exposure claims. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY., announced that he is willing to work with Democrats to pass another COVID-19 relief bill when his institution finally returns from an inexcusably long recess in May. His top priority isn’t addressing the myriad economic hardships facing most Americans, who have seen jobs evaporate, salaries cut, small businesses suffer, retirement accounts dwindle... Read more
"Grassroots or astroturf, anti-quarantine protests are an American mess." Protesters gathered in cities across the United States, nominally to insist that governments lift the social distancing guidelines put to curb the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. As protesters hope, the media response was strong immediate. The protesters were small, sparse, and few. However, On Facebook, their supporters have swelled to over 1.4 million strong by the last count by the Institute for research and education on human rights. It’s important to understand who these protesters are and why they’re demonstrating. “... Read more
University of Washington junior and Political Science major, Virginia Burton, has been selected for the prestigious Truman Scholarship. A highly competitive award, only 62 students were selected  from more than 773 nominations.  The Truman Foundation was created by Congress in 1975 as the living memorial to President Truman and the Presidential Memorial to Public Service. The Truman Scholarship recognizes outstanding leadership potential, academic achievement, and the desire to pursue a career in public service. The scholarship  provides up to $30,000 in... Read more
On the Middle East Research and Information Project web site, Mona El-Ghobashy writes in “Ellis Goldberg, Egypt and a Reverence for Life” about Ellis Goldberg who was a professor and political economist at the University of Washington and had a blog called Nisr al-Nasr, a site that remains an uncommonly deep commentary on the events of Egypt’s upheaval as they happened. Ellis passed away on September 20, 2019, may... Read more
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Please join us for our first virtual faculty panel as we examine the roles state governments are and will be playing in addressing the numerous effects of the COVID-19 epidemic.  Please RSVP here with your e-mail contact information. We will send out the link to the faculty panel when it is complete. We expect the recording to be available by May 20th. Please link here for the YouTube video. Speakers: Professor Chris Adolph: "This Is Not a... Read more
"States led by Republican governors and with a significant share of Trump supporters were an average of nearly three days later than other states to enact social distancing measures related to the COVID-19 outbreak, according to a new study." Based on research being done on why some states have not enacted the social distancing policy and why it took some states longer to enact the policy on the COVID-19 outbreak which is projected to cause about 84,000 to 200,000 deaths. The lead author of the research Christopher... Read more
UW Political Science Prof. Aseem Prakash and colleague Prof.Nives Dolšak on the Forbes web site discuss that the slowdown in the global supply chain, due to COVID-19 disruptions, may hamper the switch to cleaner sources of energy. Coronavirus causing havoc on the world economy has created shortages in the global supply chain, which can ruin global decarbonization. Low resources of sourcing inputs, specifically known as "critical minerals", is the greatest challenge for our society to overcome. The article advocates for a change in climate policy, suggesting a supply chain strategy in... Read more
John Wilkerson, Department Chair
Social scientists, including political scientists, study the world seeking to develop general lessons about institutions and behavior. These theories are intended to help society better understand and navigate a complex world. The main focus of our classes is to share and discuss leading theories of politics and the evidence for them.  In my U.S. Congress class, much of the focus is on theories that explain why the institution has such difficulty responding to visible societal problems. This exercise can be disheartening, so I frequently conclude by noting that “nothing is impossible in... Read more
On the Forbes web site, Prof. Aseem Prakash and Prof. Nives Dolšak state that implementing strict methods to prevent the CoronaVirus such as social distancing and lockdowns would cause an enormous depression to the economy of the United States.... Read more
UW Seattle Political Science Department has two faculty and a Ph.D. graduate publishing articles in quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal American Political Science Review: Jacob Grumbach, Race and Representation in Campaign Finance... Read more