German Politics in Popular Culture

German Politics in Popular Culture: Logics and Consequences of Transforming Political Institutions, Processes, and Actors into Entertainment

Popular culture is all around us, it influences and shapes our thinking and opinions. Yet for Germany (in contrast to the US) there are few systematic explorations of the relationship between politics and popular culture. As we experience a notable rise in popular culture products that explicitly are set in the realm of politics (e.g. films, tv series), we ask in which way the German political system, society and culture are represented in these works. What are mechanisms of transforming those subjects into stories meant to entertain and how does this affect readers and viewers? With an interdisciplinary perspective of political science, sociology and history as well as media and literature studies we attempt to uncover or reconstruct deeply rooted patterns, pictures and narratives of politics, which are not only of relevance for fictional stories but might be equally potent in the ‘real’ political arena.

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