Coping with Globalization. 

Aseem Prakash & Jeffrey A. Hart (Eds.). Coping with Globalization. London: Routledge, 2000. 

Globalization is dramatically reshaping policy landscapes, thereby creating new opportunities and threats for governments and firms. Since the resultant restructuring of policy spaces asymmetrically distributes benefits and costs across countries, sectors, firms, and factors-of-production, there is a need to cope with globalization. This volume examines the strategic options available to firms and governments, the political, institutional, ideational, and economic factors which lie behind specific coping strategies, and the lessons which can be distilled and applied to other areas.

Drawing together a panel of international experts, the volume examines issues such as:

  • Globalization and federalism 
  • Trade, monetary, and fiscal policies 
  • Environmental regulations and the strategies of multinational enterprises 
  • Techno-nationalism versus techno-globalism 
  • Globalization and telecommunication policy 
  • Prospects for races to the bottom
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