Globalization and Governance

Aseem Prakash & Jeffrey A. Hart (Eds.). Globalization and Governance. London: Routledge, 1999. 

Globalization and Governance is a completely up-to-date, impartial survey of a variety of perspectives on what constitutes governance, how globalization might impact governance, and the state. Eleven essays and thorough introduction provide a theoretical framework and a literature overview. Unlike most books on the subject, this does not espouse any ideological agenda and examines the topical subject of globalization in a conceptually rigorous way.

The implications of globalization are considered in terms of three important questions. First, what is meant by governance in the study of international relations and international political economy? Second, how will the processes of globalization impact on governance? Third, what kinds of policy innovations at national level may be required to deal with the challenges of globalization? In answering these questions, the authors consider whether territorial systems of governance are obsolete; whether they are becoming increasingly incapable of performing the functions expected of them by actors (whether citizens or firms) living in their jurisdictions; what kinds of changes we can expect; and what the politics of such changes might be.

This refreshingly impartial collection is written for researchers and postgraduate students of political science and international relations, international political economy, or world politics.

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