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Year Title People Involved Publication or Publisher Related Fields
2024 Anti-Democratic Influence: The Effect of Citizens United on State Democratic Performance Rachel Funk Fordham Legislative Studies Quarterly American Politics
2023 Misrecognitions of Victimhood: Discretionary Power of Street-level Bureaucrats in Humanitarian Visas. Ryan Goehrung, Rachel Castellano Law & Social Inquiry American Politics, Public Law, Public Policy
2023 Assessing COVID-19 Pandemic Policies and Behaviours and their Economic and Educational Trade-offs across US States from Jan 1, 2020, to July 31, 2022: An Observational Analysis Christopher Adolph, Rachel Castellano, Megan Erickson The Lancet American Politics, Health Policy, Public Policy, Quantitative Methods, Statistics
2022 Automatic Voter Registration Report Rachel Funk Fordham American Politics, Political Science
2022 Auditing Google’s Search Headlines as a Potential Gateway to Misleading Content Journal of Online Trust and Safety American Politics, Political Communication
2022 Repeat Spreaders and Election Delegitimization Journal of Quantitative Description: Digital Media American Politics, Computational Methods
2022 Electoral appeal of climate policies: The Green New Deal and the 2020 U.S. House of Representatives Elections Meagan Carmack, Aseem Prakash PLOS Climate American Politics, Environmental Politics
2021 Movement Capture or Movement Stratey? A critical Race History Exchange on the Beginnings of Brown V. Board Megan Ming Francis Yale Journal of Law and Humanities African American, American Politics
2021 Federal Reserve Appointments and the Politics of Senate Confirmation Caitlin Ainsley Public Choice American Politics, Political Economy
2021 Review of Rory McVeigh and Kevin Estep’s The Politics of Losing: Trump, the KKK, and the Mainstreaming of Resentment Becca LuAn Peach Representation American Politics, Political Science, Race and Ethnicity
2021 The Pandemic Policy U-Turn: Partisanship, Public Health, and Race in Decisions to Ease COVID-19 Social Distancing Policies in the United States. Christopher Adolph, Beatrice Magistro, Rachel Castellano, Megan Erickson, John D. Wilkerson Perspectives on Politics American Politics, Health Policy, Quantitative Methods
2021 Governor Partisanship Explains the Adoption of Statewide Mask Mandates in Response to COVID-19 Christopher Adolph, Beatrice Magistro, John D. Wilkerson State Politics & Policy Quarterly. American Politics, Health Policy, Quantitative Methods
2021 Pandemic Politics: Timing State-Level Social Distancing Responses to COVID-19 Christopher Adolph, John D. Wilkerson Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law American Politics, Health Policy, Quantitative Methods
2020 6 Ways Mail-in Ballots are Protected from Fraud The Conversation American Politics, Political Science
2020 Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America Anthony Gill The Independent Review American Politics
2020 African American Political Thought: A Collected History Jack Turner III University of Chicago Press African American, American Politics, Political Science
2020 The Political Economy of Budget Trade-offs Christopher Adolph Journal of Public Policy American Politics, Political Economy, Political Methodology, Public Policy
2019 World-Craving: Rahel Varnhagen, Daniel Paul Schreber, and the Strange Promise of Paranoia Noga Rotem SageJournals American Political Development, American Politics, Gender
2018 Douglass and Political Judgment Jack Turner III University Press of Kentucky African American, American Politics, Courts, Justice, Law and Society, Political Theory, Public Law, Race and Ethnicity
2018 The Missing Politics of Central Banks Christopher Adolph PS: Political Science and Politics American Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Economy
2018 Between Anger and Engagement: Donald Trump and Black America The Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics African American, American Politics, Minority and Race Politics, Political Science, Race and Ethnicity
2017 The hidden subsidies of rural prisons John-Paul Anderson, Rebecca U. Thorpe, Emily Christensen Punishment & Society American Politics, Crime and Criminality, Law and Society, Political Science, Public Policy, Punishment, Race and Ethnicity
2015 Does the American Dream Matter for Members of Congress? Social-Class Backgrounds and Roll-Call Votes Political Research Quarterly American Politics, Political Psychology, Political Science
2015 Perverse Politics: The Persistence of Mass Imprisonment in the Twenty-first Century Rebecca U. Thorpe Perspectives on Politics American Politics, Justice
2015 How Discrimination Impacts Sociopolitical Behavior Political Psychology American Politics, Minority and Race Politics, Political Psychology, Race and Ethnicity