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  • The Institutions Curse: Natural Resources, Politics, and Development
  • The Political and Economic Dynamics of the Eurozone Crisis
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Year Title People Involved Publication or Publisher Related Fields
2023 Whitman's Undemocratic Vistas Jack Turner III American Political Science Review African American, American Indian/Native American, American Political Development, Civil Rights, Ethics, Justice, Literature, Political Theory, Race and Ethnicity, Violence and Trauma
2021 Audre Lorde's Anti-Imperial Consciousness Jack Turner III Political Theory African American, Caribbean, Civil Rights, Feminism and Feminist Theory, International Relations, Political Theory, Postcolonial, Race and Ethnicity, Socialism and Post-Socialism, Women of Color
2021 In Civil Rights and American Democracy, Congress's Role Looms Large The HIll Civil Rights, Political Science
2020 A. Philip Randolph: Radicalizing Rights at the Intersection of Race and Class Michael W. McCann University of Chicago Press African American, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Justice, Labor, Race and Ethnicity
2020 Law and Social Movements: Old Themes and New Directions for Research Michael W. McCann Civil Rights, Comparative Law, Justice, Social Welfare, West European
2019 The Price of Civil Rights: Black Politics, White Money, and Movement Capture Megan Ming Francis Law and Society Review Civil Rights
2017 Advances in Research on Nonprofit Advocacy and Civic Engagement Aseem Prakash Voluntas Civil Rights, Political Science
2014 Money, Sex, and Power: Gender Discrimination and the Thwarted Legacy of the 1964 Civil Rights Act Michael W. McCann Denver University Law Review Civil Rights, Political Science
2014 Representing the Race and How Sex Became a Civil Liberty Michael W. McCann Tulsa Law Review Civic Engagement, Civil Rights, Law and Society, Political Science
2014 Rights and Ritual: The Past, Present and Future of Rights Mobilization Scholarship Michael W. McCann The Wiley Handbook of Law and Society Civil Rights, Legal Mobilization, Political Theory
2014 The Personal is Political: On Twentieth Century Activist Lawyers for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Michael W. McCann Tulsa Law Review Civil Rights, Legal Mobilization
2014 The Unbearable Lightness of Rights: On Sociolegal Inquiry in the Global Era Michael W. McCann Law & Society Review Civil Rights, Political Theory
2014 Civil Rights and the Making of the Modern American State Megan Ming Francis Cambridge University Press African American, American Political Development, American Politics, Civil Rights, Law and Society, Legal Mobilization, Minority and Race Politics, Public Law, Race and Ethnicity, Social Movements
2013 Legal Rights Michael W. McCann Elsevier Science Civil Rights, Legal Mobilization, Political Theory
2012 The Myth of the Myth of Rights George Lovell Studies in Law, Politics and Society Civil Rights, Human Rights, Law and Society
2012 This is Not Civil Rights: Discovering Rights Talk in 1939 America George Lovell University of Chicago Press American Politics, Civil Rights
2012 Expanding the Horizons of Horizontal Inquiry into Rights Consciousness: An Engagement with David Engel Michael W. McCann Indiana Journal of Law and Globalization Civil Rights, Political Theory
2012 Inclusion, Exclusion, and the Politics of Rights Mobilization in the Experiences of Asian Americans Michael W. McCann Seattle Journal for Social Justice Asian American, Civil Rights, Legal Mobilization
2012 Should We Take Seriously the Conservative Communitarian Critique of Rights? Michael W. McCann Bingley UK Civil Rights, Political Theory
2010 Legal Mobilization and US Supreme Court Decision Making in Property and Civil Rights Cases, 1978-2003 Rebecca U. Thorpe Ashgate Press Civil Rights, Courts
2010 Imagined Rights Without Remedies: The Politics of Novel Legal Claims George Lovell Loyola Los Angeles Law Review Civil Rights