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Year Title People Involved Publication or Publisher Related Fields
2022 Unions Can Help White Workers Become More Racially Tolerant The Cambridge Handbook of Labor and Democracy Labor, Political Science
2021 War and Democracy: Labor and the Politics of Peace Elizabeth Kier Cornell University Press European Politics, Labor, Political Science
2020 The NBA Strike is a Big Moment for Athlete Activism and the Labor Movement in America Vox Labor, Political Science
2020 A. Philip Randolph: Radicalizing Rights at the Intersection of Race and Class Michael W. McCann University of Chicago Press African American, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Justice, Labor, Race and Ethnicity
2020 Union by Law: Filipino American Labor Activists, Rights Radicalism, and Racial Capitalism Michael W. McCann University of Chicago Press Labor, Southeast Asian
2020 A Union by Law: Filipino Cannery Workers and the Transpacific Struggle for Equal Rights, George Lovell, Michael W. McCann University of Chicago Press Labor
2020 Labor Unions and White Racial Politics American Journal of Political Science Labor
2020 Evaluating the Criminal Justice Approach to Human Trafficking in Taiwan Ryan Goehrung Journal of Human Trafficking Crime and Criminality, East Asian, Gender, Human Rights, Immigration, Labor, Political Science, Public Law, Public Policy, Punishment
2018 Reclaiming Species-Being: Toward an Interspecies Historical Materialism Mathieu Dubeau Rethinking Marxism Environmental Politics, Labor, Political Theory
2017 Do Economic Problems at Home Undermine Worker Safety Abroad?: A Panel Study, 1980-2009 Aseem Prakash Science Direct Labor, Political Economy
2017 "The Shanghai Effect: Do Exports to China Affect Labor Practices in Africa?" Christopher Adolph, Aseem Prakash World Development Africa, Global Studies, Labor
2016 On Labor Scholarship and Labor Activism Michael W. McCann Cambridge University Press Labor, Law and Society, Political Science
2015 Covering Legal Mobilization: A Bottom-Up Analysis of Wards Cove v. Antonio George Lovell, Michael W. McCann Law and Social Inquiry Labor
2015 Revenue Substitution? How Foreign Aid Inflows Moderate the Effect of Bilateral Trade Pressures on Labor Rights Aseem Prakash World Development International Relations, Labor
2014 Public Authority and Private Rules: How Domestic Regulatory Institutions Shape the Adoption of Global Private Regimes Aseem Prakash Oxford Academic International Relations, Labor
2012 Aligning Rights and Interests: Why, When, and How to Uphold Labor Standards Christopher Adolph World Bank Human Rights, Labor
2009 Trade-based Diffusion of Labor Rights: A Panel Study, 1986–2002 Aseem Prakash American Political Science Review Labor
1992 Between Feminism and Labor Michael W. McCann Women and Politics Labor, Political Science