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2013 Political Science News Summary

Submitted by Arts & Sciences Web Team on December 31, 2013 - 5:00pm

Prof. Chris Parker interviewed on MSNBC's Disrupt, "Will the Tea Party outlast Pres. Obama?"

Prof. Aseem Prakash in Boston Review, "The World in not Scandinavia"

Prof. Aseem Prakash in, "Government corruption leads to industrial accidents, not global brands"

Prof. Aseem Prakash on The Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog, "More on Trade and Labor Rights"

Prof. Aseem Prakash in, "Misplaced priorities? Global leadership and Indiaʼs domestic neglect of human rights"

Prof. Aseem Prakash in, "Donʼt blame the military alone: womenʼs rights in Pakistan"

Prof. Chris Parker, "Will the Tea Party Outlast Obama?", on the Democracy - A Journal of Ideas web site

Prof. John Wilkerson LegSim work featured in Arts & Sciences Perspectives newletter.

Prof. Margaret Levi (and John Alhquist) at the Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University, on activism by the ILWU.

Prof. Margaret Levi, Amanda Clayton and John Ahlquist on The Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog, "What are the implications of the AFL-CIO’s expanding membership criteria?"

Prof. Margaret Levi and John Ahlquist on The Washington Post Monkey Blog, "The decline of union membership and what it means for politics"

Prof. Chris Parker on Background Briefing program, radio station KPFK (LA area), discussing reactionary conservatives and the Tea Party

Prof. Chris Parker in, "Tea Party will disappear if Obama cedes"
(In German. Google Chrome browser will translate.)

Prof. Jack Turner in The Contemporary Condition, "The Racial Innocence of John Roberts"

Prof. Chris Parker in The Washington Post Wonkblog, "The shutdown is a Republican civil war"

Prof. Chris Parker in The National Memo, "Change They Can’t Believe In: The Tea Party And Reactionary Politics In America"

Prof. Chris Parker in The Washington Post Blog, “The Tea Party is better understood as a reactionary conservative force”

Prof. Chris Parker in The Washington Post Wonkblog on the Tea Party movement, "People don’t fully appreciate how committed the tea party is to not compromising"

Prof. John Wilkerson in The Economist, "Obamacare's hidden parentage"

Prof. Chris Parker in NYT Opinion on Radical Convervatism

Prof. Margaret Levi and John Ahlquist in the Detroit Free Press, "Ahlquist & Levi: AFL-CIO takes a big, but necessary, leap of faith"

"Latinos: The Changing Face of Washington" on KCTS featuring Profs. Barreto and Fraga

Profs. Barreto and Fraga's Latino Decisions poll referenced on The Seattle Times opinion page

Prof. Steve Majeski quoted on KPLU about the Syria situation

Prof. Chris Adolph commentary on possible new Fed Chair in Deutsche Welle, "Yin or yang for the Fed?"

Prof. Victor Menaldo in the NYT Opinion on Egypt, "There's Hope in the Long Run"

Prof. Jamie Mayerfeld in the Everett Herald opinion pages, "Guantanamo Bay a shameful chapter in U.S. history"

Prof. Luis Fraga quoted in Seattle Times editorial, "Univision’s window on America"

Prof. Victor Menaldo in Foreign Policy on the Egyptian coup, "The Odds are Good for Egypt"

Prof. Margaret Levi in The Guardian (UK), "Finding political willpower to ensure business enforces ethical labour"

Professor Christopher Parker on KUOW for Tea Party discussion (at 27:20 time).

Profs. Barreto and Parker's work on Tea Party discussed in The New Republic, "The Almost-Inevitable Shutdown"

Profs. Barreto and Parker's findings in new book, "Change They Can't Believe In," hightlighted on The New Republic web site.

Prof. Parker in the Seattle Times, Jerry Large column, "Across the great divide: UW professor looks at the tea party"

Prof. Parker on CNN Opinion site, "Tea Party Rise Will Be Short"

Profs. Parker and Barreto's new book, "Change They Can't Believe In," featured in UW Today news.

Prof. Chris Parker on Pacifica Radio Los Angeles (at 16:40) discussing the Tea Party and his book on the subject.

Prof. Jonathan Mercer in Foreign Affairs, "Bad Reputation: Has Obama Blown His Credibility -- And Syria?"

Prof. Aseem Prakash and Joshua Eastin (Ph.D.) in The Seattle Times, "India rapes show gender inequality persists despite economic growth"

Prof. Christopher Parker on MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews: Chris Matthews talks with “Black Tea” documentary filmmaker Kevin Dotson and author and professor Christopher Parker about the new documentary that seeks to discover why African Americans are joining the Tea Party despite the strain of racism that the party is accused of containing.

Luis Fraga on Univ. of North Texas panel: Latino voters, politics discussed in Q&A session

Professor Victor Menaldo in the New York Times Opinion Pages, "Aftermath of Revolution"

Profs. Barreto and Fraga interviewed in UW Today regarding upholding Voting Rights access and amicus curiae to Supreme Court