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Title Adviser Related Fields

Brandon Bosch. 2011. "Exemplification and Political Perceptions of the Public: An Analysis of Traditional and Partisan News Media." Diss., U of Washington.

Media Studies, European Politics

Christopher Heurlin. 2011. "Responsive Authoritarianism: Protest and Policy Change in Rural and Urban China." Diss., U of Washington.

Susan H. Whiting East Asian, Comparative Politics

Hsiao-Chi Hsu. 2011. "Domestic Vulnerability and the Use of Non-Militarized Foreign Confrontation: A Case Study of Taiwan’s Foreign Policy toward China from 2000-2008." Diss., U of Washington.

East Asian, Comparative Politics, International Relations

Nimah Mazaheri. 2011. "Oil States, the Private Sector, and the Political Economy of Policy Reform." Diss., U of Washington.

Margaret Levi Political Economy

Heather Pool. 2011. "The Politics of Political Mourning." Diss., U of Washington.

Jack Turner III Political Theory

Taedong Lee. 2010. "Global Cities and Climate Change." Diss., U of Washington.

Aseem Prakash Global Studies, Environmental Politics, Urban Studies

Francisco Pedraza. 2010. "The two-way street of contested political integration: Latinos in the United States." Diss., U of Washington.

Latino/a Studies, American Politics

Jason Scheideman. 2010. "Threatening Extinction? Patronage, International Monitoring, and Electoral Fraud." Diss., U of Washington.

Elizabeth Kier Comparative Politics

Kawato Yuko. 2010. "Imagining Security: The U.S. Military Bases and Protests in Asia." Diss., U of Washington.

Elizabeth Kier East Asian, International Security, International Relations

Jennifer Fredett. 2010. "On the Muslim Question: The Contentious Politics of Citizenship in France." Diss., U of Washington.

Michael W. McCann Islamic Studies, Religion, European Politics

Brian Greenhill. 2010. "Norm Transmission in Networks of Intergovernmental Organizations." Diss., U of Washington.

Aseem Prakash Political Communication
Carolina Johnson. 2017. "Engaging Democracy: An Institutional Theory of Participatory Budgeting" Margaret Levi Political Economy
Erin Adam. 2017. "Queer Alliances: Paradoxes and Power in the Formation of Rights-Based Movement Coalitions" Michael W. McCann Gender, Queer Studies
Caterina Rost. 2017. "The Divergent Trajectories of an Idea: Sustainable Development in Germany and the United States" Mark Alan Smith Political Economy, Sustainability
Kylie E. Clay. 2020. "FARMERS, FORESTS, AND THE STATE Essays on the Political Economy of Illegal Forest Use in Tanzania" Aseem Prakash Political Economy
Sarah K. Dreier. 2018. "Church, State and Sex: How Africa's transnational churches shape human rights" Michael W. McCann Africa, Religion

In progress

Title Adviser Related Fields
Katherine Banks. "He Who Writes the Checks Tells You How to Dance: Explaining Health Aid Channel Allocation and Institutional Choice." Diss., University of Washington, March 2015. James A. Caporaso, Elizabeth Kier Health Policy