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  • Europawahl 2019
Author/Title Research Type Related Fields
Anja Mihr, Chiara Pierobon, "Polarization, Shifting Borders and Liquid Governance" Springer Cham Publications, Book Chapters European Politics, Global Studies, Human Rights
Pierobon, C. (2024). Shaping German Feminist Foreign Policy in Times of Conflict in Ukraine. In: Mihr, A., Pierobon, C. (eds) Polarization, Shifting Borders and Liquid Governance. Springer, Cham. Publications, Book Chapters European Politics, European Union, Feminism and Feminist Theory, International Security
Pierobon, Chiara. “Community resilience and social capital in post-Soviet mono-industrial areas affected by the uranium legacy and radiation: evidence from Kyrgyzstan”  [with Zarina Adambussinova], In: Korosteleva, E. and Petrova, I. (eds.) Resilient Communities of Central Eurasia. Responding to Change, Complexity and the Visions of ‘The Good Life’, Routledge, 2023, DOI: 10.4324/9781003299998-9 Publications, Book Chapters Civic Engagement, Environmental Politics, European Union, Health Policy, Poverty, Socialism and Post-Socialism, Sustainability
Pierobon, Chiara. "Ending Gender-Based Violence in Kyrgyzstan: Reflections on the Spotlight Initiative" [with Aliia Maralbaeva] In: Mihr, A., Sorbello, P. and Weiffen, B. (eds.) Securitisation and Democracy in Eurasia. Springer: Cham, 2023, pp. 201-215, Publications, Book Chapters Civic Engagement, European Union, Gender, Human Rights, Law and Society, Socialism and Post-Socialism, Violence and Trauma, Women Studies
Frymer, Paul, Thomas Ogorzalek, and Jacob M. Grumbach.  "Unions Can Help White Workers Become More Racially Tolerant" The Cambridge Handbook of Labor and Democracy. Cornell, Angela and Mark Barenberg, Eds. 2022. Publications, Book Chapters Labor, Political Science
Megan Ming Francis. “Black Lives Matter from Wilson to Trump: Social Movements in APD” American PoliticalDevelopment and the Trump Presidency, eds Zachary Callen and Philip Rocco (Philadelphia, PA:University of Pennsylvania Press, 2020) Publications, Book Chapters African American, Sociology
Grumbach, Jacob M., Jacob S. Hacker, and Paul Pierson. "The Political Economies of Red States." The American Political Economy: Politics, Markets, and Power. Hacker, Jacob S., Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Paul Pierson, and Kathleen Thelen, Eds. 2021. Publications, Book Chapters Political Economy, Political Psychology, Political Science
Christopher Sebastian Parker and Matt A. Barreto. "The Great White Hope: Threat and Racial Resilience in the Age of Trump." Democratic Resilience. Can the United States Withstand Rising Polarization?, Edited by Lieberman, Robert C., Mettler, Suzanne and Roberts, Kenneth M.  Publications, Book Chapters Political Science
Rachel A. Cichowski. "The ECHRdb: An Integrative Approach to Collecting and Sharing Data on International Courts." In D. Kapiszewski and M. Ingram eds. Data & Methods in the Comparative Study of Legal Institutions. Forthcoming. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.  (reviewed, in publication process) Publications, Book Chapters Justice, Public Law
McFarland. “Lord of the Rings: Environmentalism and Essentialism in Middle Earth and the Western World.” Feeding Cultural Fears: Essays on Films During a Time of Transition, 2021. Publications, Book Chapters Political Science, West European
Logos Verlag Berlin. “Nunatta Qitornai: A Party Analysis of the Rhetoric and Future of Greenlandic Separatism.” Separatism and Regionalism in 21st Century Europe, 2021. Publications, Book Chapters Political Science
Victor Menaldo. "Do Patents Foster International Technology Transfer? Evidence from Spanish Steelmaking, 1850-1930." Patents, Inventors, and Politics: Historical Perspectives on Current Debates, Oxford University Press 2021. Publications, Book Chapters Political Economy, Political Science, Public Law, Public Policy
Michael McCann, “A. Philip Randolph: Radicalizing Rights at the Intersection of Race and Class,” in Melvin L. Rogers and Chip Turner, eds., African American Political Thought: A Collected History. Forthcoming, University of Chicago Press. 2020. Publications, Articles, Book Chapters African American, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Justice, Labor, Race and Ethnicity
William Haltom and Michael McCann, “When Might Claims of ‘Too Much Litigation’ Be Other than Political Sloganeering?”. With William Haltom. Forthcoming in Onati Socio-Legal Series, 2020 Publications, Articles, Book Chapters Law and Society, Political Economy
Michael McCann, “Law and Social Movements: Old Themes and New Directions for Research.” Forthcoming in edited book on The Uses of Law by Social Movements, Julie Ringelheim, ed. 2020 Publications, Articles, Book Chapters Civil Rights, Comparative Law, Justice, Social Welfare, West European
James D. Long. 2020. “Civil Conflict, Power-Sharing, Truth and Reconciliation (2005-2013),” in Oxford Handbook of Kenyan Politics, eds. Nicholas Cheeseman, Karuti Kanyinga, & Gabrielle Lynch, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Publications, Book Chapters Africa, Political Psychology, Political Science
James D. Long. 2020. “Voting Behavior in Africa’s Emerging Democracies,” in Routledge Handbook of Democratization in Africa, eds. Gabrielle Lynch and Peter VonDoepp, New York: Routledge. Publications, Book Chapters Africa, Political Science
James D. Long. 2020. “Protecting Electoral Integrity in Emerging Democracies,” in An Introduction to Development Engineering, eds. Ashok Gadgil, Temina Madon, & Anustubh Agnihotria. Springer. Publications, Book Chapters Civic Engagement, Political Psychology, Political Science
Ahlness, Ellen. “Uncertainty, Maskirovka, and Militarism: Russian Perspectives and Amphibious Assault Potentiality in the Arctic’s Near Future.” On Contested Shores, Edited by Timothy Heck and B.A. Friedman, Marine Corps University Press, 2020 Publications, Book Chapters Political Science
Palgrave. “Battling the Past: Intersectional Challenges to Indigenous Tourism Employment in the Nordic States.” Tourism Employment in Nordic Countries: Trends, Practices, and Opportunities, 2020 Publications, Book Chapters International Relations, Political Science
Michael Albertus, Victor Menaldo. "The Stickiness of ‘Bad’ Institutions: Constitutional Continuity and Change Under Democracy." Institutional Weakness: Power and Design in Latin American Institutions, Cambridge University Press, 2020, pp. 61-97. Publications, Book Chapters Interest Groups, Latin American, Political Science, Public Policy
Switek, N. & Weissenbach, K. "An Ever-Closer Party? The Institutionalization of the European Green Party After the 2019 European Election." In Die Europawahl 2019. Ringen um die Zukunft Europas, edited by Kaeding, M., Mueller, M. & Schmaelter, J,  Springer VS, pp.63-77, Publications, Book Chapters European Politics, European Union, Political Science, West European
Gill, Anthony. "The Economic Origins of Religious Liberty." Cambridge Companion to Religious Liberty. Cambridge: Cambridge University Pass, 2019. Publications, Book Chapters Religion
Rachel A. Cichowski. "Data Infrastructure Innovation in the Field of Law & Courts: The European Court of Human Rights Database (ECHRdb)." In S. Sterett and L. Walker, eds. Research Handbook: Law and Courts. 2019. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing. Publications, Book Chapters Comparative Law, Justice, Legal Mobilization, Public Law
Ahlness, Ellen. “From the Second World to Global South? Narratives of Tajikistan in Western Media.” Deconstructing Images of the Global South through Media Representations and Communication, 2019. Publications, Book Chapters International Relations, Media Studies, Political Science, West European