Book Chapters

Europawahl 2019


Year Title People Involved Publication or Publisher Related Fields
2021 Do Patents Foster International Technology Transfer? Evidence from Spanish Steelmaking, 1850-1930 2021 Victor Menaldo Oxford University Press Political Economy, Political Science, Public Law, Public Policy
2020 The Stickiness of ‘Bad’ Institutions: Constitutional Continuity and Change Under Democracy 2020 Victor Menaldo Cambridge University Press Interest Groups, Latin American, Political Science, Public Policy
2020 An Ever-Closer Party? The Institutionalization of the European Green Party After the 2019 European Election 2020 Niko Switek, Kristina Weissenbach Springer VS European Politics, European Union, Political Science, West European
2016  The Resource Curse Puzzle Across Four Waves of Work 2016 Victor Menaldo The Palgrave Handbook of the International Political Economy of Energy Comparative Politics, Political Economy
2016 Person/Planet Politics: Contemplative Pedagogies for a New Earth 2016 Karen Litfin New Earth Politics: Essays from the Anthropocene. Environmental Politics, Political Science
2015 Judicial Supremacy: Explaining False Starts and Surprising Successes 2015 Victor Menaldo Cambridge University Press Law and Society
2015 Institutional Analysis in Historical Perspective 2015 Victor Menaldo, Margaret Levi Routledge Press Political Economy
2014 Quantitative Comparative Analysis 2014 Aseem Prakash Edward Elgar Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Politics and Governance Quantitative Methods
2014 Join the ISO 14001 Club! 2014 Aseem Prakash ISO Focus Environmental Politics, International Relations
2013 Ecovillages and the Transition to Integral Community 2013 Karen Litfin In Integral Ecologies: Nature, Culture, and Knowledge in the Planetary Era Environmental Politics, Global Studies, Sustainability
2013 Localism 2013 Karen Litfin Critical Environmental Politics Environmental Politics
2013 Judicial Politics, Gender and the Courts 2013 Rachel A. Cichowski Oxford University Press Courts, Gender, Global Studies, Law and Society, Public Law, Women Studies
2013 Courts, Advocacy Groups and Human Rights in Europe 2013 Rachel A. Cichowski Routledge Courts, European Politics, Human Rights, Legal Mobilization
2013 The Political Economy of Autocratic Constitutions 2013 Victor Menaldo Cambridge University Press Comparative Politics, Political Economy
2012 War and African American Citizenship, 1865-1965: The Role of Military Service 2012 Christopher Sebastian Parker Oxford University Press American Politics, Minority and Race Politics
2012 Private Voluntary Programs on Climate Change: U.S. Federal Government as the Sponsoring Actor 2012 Aseem Prakash United Nations University Press Environmental Politics
2012 A Subjective Assessment of Veterans Health Care: From the Veteran's Point of View 2012 Christopher Sebastian Parker University of Florida Press American Politics, Health Policy
2012 The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 2012 Christopher Sebastian Parker Blackwell Press American Politics, Minority and Race Politics
2012 Elinor Ostrom 2012 Aseem Prakash PS: Political Science & Politics Political Science
2012 Politics, a Definitional Discussion 2012 James A. Caporaso Political Theory
2012 Thinking Like a Planet: Integrating the World Food System into the Earth System 2012 Karen Litfin International Handbook of Environmental Politics Environmental Politics, Global Studies, Sustainability
2012 Natural Resources in Latin America: Neither Curse nor Blessing 2012 Victor Menaldo Latin American, Political Economy
2012 Mass Torts: Reassessing the Legacy of Regulation through Litigation 2012 Michael W. McCann Routledge Courts
2012 Measuring Humanity: Rights in the 24th Century 2012 Michael W. McCann Oxford: Hart Publishing Human Rights, Law and Society, Media Studies
2011 Shadows of Du Bois 2011 Jack Turner III Du Bois Review American Politics, Political Theory