Courts, Democracy and Governance.  Special Issue of Comparative Political Studies


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
At Issue: Ethnicity, Violence, and the Narrative of Genocide: The Dangers of a Third-Term in Rwanda (2017) Ryan Goehrung Africa, Ethics, Human Rights, Minority and Race Politics, Political Science, Race and Ethnicity, Violence and Trauma
The Politics of Central Bank Appointments (2017) Caitlin Ainsley Game Theory, Political Economy, Political Science
"The Shanghai Effect: Do Exports to China Affect Labor Practices in Africa?" (2017) Christopher Adolph, Vanessa Quince, Aseem Prakash Africa, Global Studies, Labor
The European Court of Human Rights, Amicus Curiae and Violence against Women (2016) Rachel A. Cichowski Human Rights, Law and Society
Democracy, Elite-bias and Redistribution in Latin America (2016) Victor Menaldo Comparative Politics, Latin American
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Why The Eurozone Will Survive (2016) Kevin Aslett, James A. Caporaso European Politics, European Union, Political Economy, Political Science
Race and Politics in the Age of Obama (2016) Christopher Sebastian Parker African American, American Politics, Political Science
Capital in the Twenty-First-Century—in the Rest of the World. (2016) Victor Menaldo Comparative Politics, Political Economy
The Fiscal Roots of Financial Underdevelopment. (2016) Victor Menaldo Comparative Politics, Latin American, Political Economy
 Increasingly unequal? The economic crisis, social inequalities and trust in the European Parliament in 20 European countries. (2016) Beatrice Magistro European Union, Political Science Online Disclosures by U.S. Nonprofits (2015) Joannie Tremblay-Boire, Aseem Prakash Political Economy
Perverse Politics: The Persistence of Mass Imprisonment in the Twenty-first Century (2015) Rebecca U. Thorpe American Politics, Justice
John Wilkerson in the American Journal of Political Science, "Tracing the Flow of Policy Ideas in Legislatures: A Text Reuse Approach" (2015) John D. Wilkerson Law and Society
Civic Participation and Democratic Legitimacy (2015) Carolina Johnson Civic Engagement, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, Quantitative Methods
Variations of Institutional Design for Empowered Deliberation (2015) Carolina Johnson Civic Engagement, Political Science, Public Policy
Variations of Institutional Design for Empowered Deliberation (2015) Civic Engagement, Public Policy
Norms, Perverse Effects, and Torture (2015) Human Rights, International Relations, International Security
How Discrimination Impacts Sociopolitical Behavior (2015) American Politics, Minority and Race Politics, Political Psychology, Race and Ethnicity
Foreign aid, economic globalization, and pollution (2015) Victor Menaldo, Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics, International Relations
Democracy, Elite Bias, and Financial Development in Latin America (2015) Victor Menaldo, Daniel Yoo Comparative Politics, Latin American, Political Economy
Competing for Transparency: Political Competition and Institutional Reform in Mexican States (2015) Latin American, Law and Society
The New Political Economy of Natural Resources in Latin America (2015) Victor Menaldo Latin American, Political Economy
How Foreign Aid Inflows Moderate the Effect of Bilateral Trade Pressures on Labor Rights (2015) Aseem Prakash International Relations, Labor
Institutional Corruption and Election Fraud: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan (2015) James D. Long Area Studies
Knowledge Without Power: International Relations Scholars, U.S. Foreign Policy, and the Iraq War (2015) James D. Long International Relations