Courts, Democracy and Governance.  Special Issue of Comparative Political Studies


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
APSA Comparative Politics Newsletter: POPULISM: A Tale of Political and Economic Catastrophe (2020) Victor Menaldo, Beatrice Magistro Political Economy, Political Psychology, Political Science
How the opposing pressures of industrialization and democratization influence clean water access in urban and rural areas: A panel study, 1991–2010 (2020) Aseem Prakash Health Policy, Poverty, Public Policy
Recovering from Scandals: Twitter Coverage of Oxfam and Save the Children Scandals (2020) Aseem Prakash Social Work
Evaluating the Criminal Justice Approach to Human Trafficking in Taiwan (2020) Ryan Goehrung Crime and Criminality, East Asian, Gender, Human Rights, Immigration, Labor, Political Science, Public Law, Public Policy, Punishment
Why Restrictive NGO Foreign Funding Laws Reduce Voter Turnout in Africa’s National Elections (2020) Aseem Prakash Africa, Public Law, Public Policy
Native American tribal governments, cross-sectoral climate policy, and the role of intertribal networks (2020) Aseem Prakash American Indian/Native American, Environmental Politics, Public Policy
Policy Design and Public Support for Carbon Tax: Evidence from a 2018 U.S. National Online Survey Experiment (2020) Aseem Prakash, Christopher Adolph Environmental Politics, Public Policy
Convergence of the Salience of Terrorism in the European Union Before and After Terrorist Attacks (2019) Jessica Sciarone International Security
Did TV ads funded by fossil fuel industry defeat the Washington carbon tax? (2019) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics, Political Communication, Public Law, Public Policy
Hardin’s oversimplification of population growth (2019) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics
Selectively Assertive: Interventions of India’s Supreme Court to Enforce Environmental Laws (2019) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics, Public Law, Public Policy, South Asian
The global diffusion of environmental clubs: how pressure from importing countries supports the chemical industry’s Responsible Care® program (2019) Aseem Prakash, Christopher Adolph Environmental Politics, Public Policy
US-China in Africa: A Comparative Study (2018) Becca LuAn Peach Africa, Global Studies
Stakeholder scrutiny, urban bias, and the private provision of public goods (2018) Aseem Prakash Public Policy
Inter‐Governmental Regimes and Recruitment to Private Regimes: GATT/WTO and the ISO, 1951–2005 (2018) Aseem Prakash International Relations, Political Economy, Public Policy
Exploring the Adaptation-mitigation Relationship: Does Information on the Costs of Adapting to Climate Change Influence Support for Mitigation? (2018) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics, Public Policy
The Politics of Climate Change Adaptation (2018) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics, Public Policy
Global Non-Profit Chains and the Challenges of Development Aid Contracting (2018) Aseem Prakash Africa, Public Policy
Biased Altruism: Islamophobia and Donor Support for Global Humanitarian Organizations (2018) Aseem Prakash Social Welfare
Do exemptions undermine environmental policy support? An experimental stress test on the odd‐even road space rationing policy in India (2018) Aseem Prakash Environmental Politics, Public Policy, South Asian
Reclaiming Species-Being: Toward an Interspecies Historical Materialism (2018) Mathieu Dubeau Environmental Politics, Labor, Political Theory
The Contemplative Pause: Insights for Teaching Politics in Turbulent Times (2018) Karen Litfin Political Science
Between Anger and Engagement: Donald Trump and Black America (2018) Christopher Sebastian Parker African American, American Politics, Minority and Race Politics, Political Science, Race and Ethnicity
The Radical Right in the United States of America (2018) Christopher Sebastian Parker Political Science, Social Movements
Do Donors Reduce Bilateral Aid to Countries with Restrictive NGO Laws?: A Panel Study, 1993-2012 (2018) Aseem Prakash Political Economy